"The Time Has Come!" The Walrus Said.. Ohm Beads April 2019 is Upon Us

The Ohm Beads April 2019 collection debuts in just a few days and included is the new Ohm Beads Walrus and Ohm Beads Oyster designs.

Ohm Beads Walrus

Ohm Beads Oysters

It's so easy to become distracted by new glass but these two silver beads for April are intricately detailed and must haves for Alice in Wonderland fans.

We've styled it on a bangle with the Ohm Beads Seeded Blue CustOhms. It's then stacked with a second bangle featuring our exclusive Blooming Amber from The Palace of Amber, the new Ohm Beads Cherry Blossoms (because you can learn a lot of things from the flowers..) and of course the Ohm Beads Butterfly to represent Absolem. 

Ohm Beads Walrus

Ohm Beads Butterflies



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