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Trollbeads Necklace Promotion Begins

This Trollbeads blog alerts customers to the start of the latest Trollbeads Necklace Promotion, beginning immediately at Great Lakes Boutique.

Beginning immediately and continuing until November the 14th, the Trollbeads Necklace Promotion is back at Great Lakes Boutique.

For those unfamiliar with the Trollbeads promotions, this one offers you a 25% discount on a necklace when you purchase a full price pendant.

Trollbeads necklaces are real investment pieces, whether you're coveting the classic wheatsheaf chain (so durable,) or wanting to delve into the realm of fantasy necklaces. A 25% saving on the purchase price is really significant and you can treat yourself to a shiny new and ready to wear piece for the holidays. Alternatively of course you can use the savings to help with your Christmas shopping.

Simply choose a pendant from the category below and then add your choice of necklace. The website will process the discount for you.

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