Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake Fall 2020

Welcome back to Bead Bash on the Lake!

Bead Bash on the Lake is our twice yearly multi-brand event. Due to ongoing precautions related to the pandemic, our fall event will be online only and hosted right here on our website.

The dates for fall are September the 25th, 26th and 27th.

No tickets nor RSVPs are required for our online events. They are open to all and the only restrictions can be those imposed by brands themselves. Global shipping will be available.

The event will begin at midnight EDT on Friday September the 25th. That's as Thursday changes to Friday. All promotions will become available on the website at that point. The event will end at midnight on Sunday night September the 27th. All promotions will then end.


The Trollbeads Sophistication is the event bead for 2020 and it's making it's return to Bead Bash on the Lake Fall 2020! This will be your final chance to shop this bead. At the end of 2020 Sophistication will retire and a new event bead will be unveiled for the next season.

Sophistication is a stunningly pretty striped glitter bead and it does show quite a lot of variation. Fortunately you'll be able to choose exactly the bead you want from our live images. In spring we saw different shades of green, different amounts of glitter and of course, different sized beads. We're confident there'll be the perfect bead waiting for you.

Exact listing times will be announced ahead of the event.

Also making their return will be those oh so coveted faceted uniques. These are only available to retailers during major events. Please do note that the image below is a stock image. The beads have not arrived with us yet, nor do we know which designs we'll receive.

There'll be a selection of antique jewelry that pre-dates Trollbeads as a brand. Many of these pieces are designed by Svend Nielsen, father to Lise and Soren Aagaard. Finally there'll be a small number of unique glass barrels and Troll Stones available.

In accordance with Trollbeads own rules, Sophistication, faceted uniques, antique jewelry, Troll Stones & glass barrels will only be available to customers in the US and Canada.


As usual there's a host of Trollbeads promotions available to customers in the USA or Canada. These are as follows:-

Trollbeads Buy Three Get One Free. This excludes the fall 2020 collection, summer 2020 collection, Trollbeads Day 2020, Sophistication and faceted uniques. The website will process this offer automatically if you have four qualifying beads in your cart. If you split your orders over the weekend, they'll still qualify but refunds for free beads will be made the week after the event ends.

Save 25% on Trollbeads Gold. The website will process these savings automatically and discounted prices will show in your cart. This promotion does not stack with buy three get one free. (You can't save 25% on gold PLUS apply buy three get one free.)

Trollbeads Buy One Get One Fifty Percent Off. For every two gemstones in your cart, one of them will be half price. Please note the new hornblende and red jasper are excluded.

Trollbeads Free Bracelet Promotion.  Buy a Trollbeads lock and you'll receive a free silver bracelet worth $50 as a gift. This promotion does not stack with the buy three get one free. (You can't buy three locks, each with a free bracelet PLUS get a fourth lock and bracelet set free.)

Trollbeads Free Spacers Promotion.  Buy a Trollbeads bangle and we'll gift you the plain spacers to wear with it. Gold plated or silver bangles qualify for free plain silver spacers or plain oxidized spacers. Copper bangles qualify for free copper spacers. This promotion does not stack with the buy three get one free. (You can't buy three bangles, each with free spacers and qualify for a fourth free bangle set.)

Buy a Trollbeads Pendant, Save 25% on a Necklace. This is always popular as necklaces are quite an investment piece! The website will process this offer automatically for you. This promotion does not stack with the buy three get one free. (You can't buy three pendants, save 25% on three accompanying necklaces, plus qualify for a free pendant and necklace discount.)

The Palace of Amber

The Palace of Amber Equinox is our first confirmed event bead for Bead Bash on the Lake Fall 2020.

Equinox is inspired by the changing of the seasons and that twice yearly event where the day and night are of equal length. One side features a sunburst design, surrounded by vines in full summer leaf. The opposite side features a crescent mood, entwined within star strewn vines. To add additional commemorative value, the core is stamped with both the brand name and GLB.

It features a focal aqua terra jasper stone, encased in a decorative silver design. This brand use universal cores so it's compatible with most major bead bracelets. Aqua terra jaspers have enormous variation so you can look forward to a lot of different colors peeking out behind the silver.

Equinox is limited to 150 pieces and will only be available from Great Lakes. It will launch during the event weekend and there will be multiple listings at times yet to be confirmed.

All of our event beads are sold on a first come first served basis via the website. There are no pre-orders nor reserves available. We do combine all orders at the end of the event so please do not worry if you place multiple orders over the course of the weekend. Any excess shipping fees will be refunded back once we begin to process the orders after the event ends.

Equinox will be available to customers globally.

There are two different offers for The Palace of Amber. The first is a flat 50% sale on retired silver beads and select products. The second is a buy two get one free offer on most of the collection. Please note however, all new fall 2020 designs are excluded and this includes Equinox.

Redbalifrog Pine Cone Stopper

The Redbalifrog Pine Cone Stopper is our next exclusive & limited edition event bead. These are limited to just 120 pieces and will retail at $22.

The Pine Cone Stopper is perfect for both fall themed bracelets and holiday combinations. These are very cute and with an unusual shape for stoppers.

They'll be making their debut during Bead Bash on the Lake.

Thomas Sabo Promotions

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads are our newest brand here at Great Lakes and we've loved introducing so many of you during this year.

This time we'll be offering two promotions, designed to appeal to new collectors and those now a little more invested alike.

Buy Three Get One Free

This applies to all Thomas Sabo Karma Beads products. The website will process this promotion automatically when you have four or more items in your cart.

Free Bracelet Promotion

Spend $120 or more on Thomas Sabo Karma Beads and get a free bracelet. You can choose between the oxidized or high shine version. For those of you preferring this offer, please use the promotional code FREEBRACELET (all caps, no spaces) at checkout.

These two promotions do not stack. You cannot buy three beads, get a fourth free PLUS get a free bracelet. You can of course participate in both offers by placing multiple orders.

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads promotions are available to customers globally.

For those of you needing to apply the free bracelet promo code, please follow the instructions:-

  1. Choose your required size and finish here
  2. Ensure you have another $120 or more of Karma Beads in your cart
  3. Head to check out
  4. The website will automatically apply a buy three get one free promotion where applicable. In the bottom right, you'll find a box entitled "I will be using a coupon instead"
  5. Check the box
  6. Enter the code FREEBRACELET (all caps, no spaces)
  7. The website will deduct the cost of your bracelet and any free bead will revert to full retail.
  8. You can then proceed through checkout.

Alternatively please emailvictoria@greatlakesboutique.netor message us on Facebook and we'll process your preferred promotion manually.

Ohm Beads & Henhousebeads Sale

During Bead Bash on the Lake you will be able to enjoy a flat 70% across all Henhousebeads & Ohm Beads stock. That means glass beads will start at just $10.50.

Discounted prices will show in your cart, rather than on the collection pages. Please be aware that there will be shipping charges applied to all orders that include these brands. For those of you who spend $50 or more on full priced items (or different promotions,) you'll receive a shipping refund once we begin processing orders after the event ends. If you place multiple orders for just these lines during the weekend, we'll combine everything at the end into one shipping charge.

Please be aware also that we don't process refunds during the event itself as we're a small team and we tend to get extremely busy. We go through each order individually once the event is over and then everything will be fixed automatically.

We will be replenishing the live images for both of these lines before the event begins.