Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2022

Welcome back to Bead Bash on the Lake!

Bead Bash on the Lake is our twice yearly multi-brand event.


Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2022 is an online only event beginning at midnight on Thursday April the 28th (that's as Wednesday turns to Thursday) and ending at midnight on Thursday May the 5th.


Please be aware that all times are in Eastern Daylight Time. The event will then end at midnight on the following Thursday night.


This event is not ticketed and will take place here on the website.


Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges on products purchased during sales and promotions. All sales are final; we will not change and cancel orders. Please be especially careful with sized products and read guides carefully.


Special products and event beads will be given designated time slots as to when they will be live. The event schedule will be published the week before the event.


Please remember that while we do our best to adhere to the schedule, this is a fast paced event and issues can arise that result in small delays or deviations.


Check back soon as more announcements are made in the coming days and weeks


Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2022

Online Schedule

Below you'll now find the schedule for Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2022! Please keep in mind the following:-


While we try our best to run to schedule, issues can always arise and small delays can be inevitable.

Special event stock is limited and there is never enough to go around. All beads are sold on a first come first served basis via the website only.

All times are in EDT (Eastern Daylight Time.)


Promotions begin at midnight on the 28th and end at midnight on May the 5th.

The event will begin as the clock strikes midnight on Thursday the 28th, (so as Wednesday turns to Thursday.) All promotions begin immediately.


Midnight - Trollbeads Antique Jewelry*

Midnight - Trollbeads Spring Premium Unique Kits

Midnight - Trollbeads Gemstones Round #1

10 am - Trollbeads Jumbo Uniques Round #1

12 pm - The Palace of Amber Callisto debuts

1 pm - Trollbeads Cat Pendant Kits

3 pm - Trollbeads Mini Barrel Kits

5 pm - The Palace of Amber Decorative Cores

7 pm - Trollbeads City Chic


*Technically the antique jewelry pre-dates Trollbeads as a brand and is not hallmarked as Trollbeads.

10 am - Trollbeads Snail Unique Kits

11 am - Trollbeads Jumbo Uniques Round #2

1 pm - Trollbeads Faceted Unique Kits

3 pm - Trollbeads Trollstone Kits

4 pm - Trollbeads Special Gemstone Pendants

5 pm - Trollbeads Crazy Lace Agate Kits

7 pm - Trollbeads Summer Unique Trios

10 am - Trollbeads Jumbo Uniques Round #3

12 pm - Trollbeads Armadillo Kits

3 pm - Trollbeads Fantasy Necklaces Live

6 pm - Trollbeads Confetti Kits

8 pm - Trollbeads Gemstones Round #2

10 am - Trollbeads Fall Unique Kits (Premiums)

12 pm - Trollbeads Jumbo Uniques Round #4

4 pm - The Palace of Amber Wooded Scape

6 pm - Trollbeads Diamond Bead Amber

8 pm - Trollbeads Gemstones Round #3


The Trollbeads promotions are detailed below. Please read the full exclusions and restictions on the Trollbeads promotions carefully. They can be a little confusing.


  • Buy Three Get One Free (Exclusions Apply*)
  • Buy One Get One 50% Off on Gemstones (Exclusions Apply*)
  • Save 25% on Gold
  • Buy a Lock, Get a Free Bracelet - Additional Shipping Charges Apply
  • Buy a Bangle, Get a Free Pair of Spacers*
  • Buy a Pendant, Save 25% on a Necklace
  • Buy Two Get One Free on Select Pre-Made Trollbeads Unique Kits


*For the buy three get one free, the following collections / beads are excluded:-

ALL SPECIAL STOCK (Cat Pendants, Faceted Uniques, Confetti Bead Kits, Premium Unique Kits, Mini Barrels, Trollstone Kits, Crazy Lace Agate Kits)

Trollbeads Happy Flowers

Trollbeads Armadillo Collection

Trollbeads Beauty of Change Bracelets

Trollbeads Family Tree

Trollbeads Spring 2022

Trollbeads Valentine's Day 2022

Trollbeads Winter 2021


*For the buy one get one 50% on gemstones, the following collections / beads are excluded:-

Trollbeads Prehnite with Tourmalinated Quartz

Trollbeads Garnet Feldspar

Pearls are not gemstones

Goldstone beads are glass, not gemstones


*Trollbeads Gold Bangles receive free Silver Spacers

Trollbeads Silver Bangles receive free Silver Spacers

Trollbeads Copper Bangles receive free Copper Spacers


Promotions do not stack

You cannot buy three Trollbeads locks, get a fourth for free plus get four free bracelets

You cannot buy three Trollbeads bangles, get a fourth for free and get four free sets of spacers.

You cannot save 25% on three gold beads and then get a fourth for free

If you spread your orders across the weekend, any free beads owed will be refunded after the event ends.


For those of you purchasing free bracelet promotions, please note that additional shipping fees will apply. If you meet the minimum requirement for free shipping during the event, shipping charges will be refunded after the event ends.

Trollbeads Cat Pendants

The first confirmed special stock from Trollbeads for Bead Bash on the Lake are the much coveted and very elusive Cat Pendants.


To date these pendants have only been made available at major Trollbeads events and even then in small quantities. This makes them one of the most coveted Trollbeads designs.


The cat pendants all feature unique glass bases. Though they are designed to be used on the Changeable Fantasy Necklaces, they are compatible with bangles, bracelets and other necklaces too.


For spring 2022 the Trollbeads Cat Pendants will feature in kits as part of one of the special stock listings during the event weekend. No promotions will apply to these kits.


Please be aware that as per Trollbeads own rules, these pendants will not be shipped outside of the USA & Canada.

Trollbeads Cat Pendants
Trollbeads Faceted Uniques

Trollbeads Faceted Uniques have become a staple appearance at events and are much sought after by collectors. Just like regular uniques, Faceted Uniques can be different color variations of existing beads or entirely new designs in their own right. They are only available for sale during events however, so it's worth making the most of their appearance.


For Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2022 we're seeing a mix of new designs and some older styles too. Faceted Uniques are classed as event stock so just like the Cat Pendants, we're forbidden to ship these beads outside of the USA and Canada.


This time around the Faceted Uniques will be available as trios and their listing time will be detailed in the online event schedule. This will be published the week of the event itself.


No promotions nor discounts will apply to these beads.

Trollbeads Faceted Uniques

The Palace of Amber

For The Palace of Amber the promotions will be as follow:-


Buy Three Get One Free (Exclusions Apply*)


Select beads will be available on flash sale during the weekend, much like Secret currently is. Products on flash sale will not qualify for buy three get one free.


*For the buy three get one free, the following exclusions apply:-

The Palace of Amber Callisto

The Palace of Amber Peaceful Earth Collection

(Geometric Bear, Starlight Dangle, Easter Egg, Bloom of Joy, Bloom of Joy Lock, Beetle Garden, Five Elements Earth, City Planet.)


For those of you who spread your spends across the weekend, refunds for free beads will be made after the event ends.


For The Palace of Amber, our inventory counts are turned on. This means stock is limited due to lengthy shipping times from Asia. If an item sells out during the event, that's it. We do recommend placing your TPoA orders promptly

The Palace of Amber Promotion
The Palace of Amber Callisto

The Palace of Amber Callisto is the exclusive and limited edition event bead for Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2022.


Callisto is a half moon (technically a quarter moon,) style bead. Like Bulan which preceded it, craters on the surface have been replaced with gemstones. The chosen gemstone is tanzanite. Tanzanite has a very unique and characteristic color. Though purple it's completely different to amethyst, with a cooler, more blue based tone. It's also a very rare stone and this has led to Callisto being extremely limited in number.


On the beads flat side is a solar system with stars and planets orbiting a central sun. You can wear two of these beads together to create the effect of a full moon but please do be aware, they will not sit entirely flush to each other.


Callisto will launch during Bead Bash on the Lake and the time and day will be detailed in the event schedule. The schedule itself will be confirmed the week before the event.

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads

For Thomas Sabo Karma Beads, the promotion will be as follows:-


Save 25% Off the Entire Range (No Exclusions Apply.)


The sale prices will be shown automatically for Thomas Sabo. That is to say no codes will be required and the discounted prices will show on all collection and product pages.


Our inventory counts will be turned on for Thomas Sabo due to lengthy shipping times from Europe. This means that if an item sells out, it's gone for the duration of the event. We do recommend placing orders for this brand promptly

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Sale


Redbalifrog Sale

Last year we bid a very sad farewell to Redbalifrog and we have a very small inventory remaining at this point. During Bead Bash on the Lake, all remaining Redbalifrog beads will be 25% off.


Please remember that we cannot restock any of these designs.


Discounted prices for Redbalifrog will show directly on the product pages with no codes required.

General Terms for Bead Bash on the Lake

Please read the following carefully :)


1/ An item is not yours until it is purchased. Placing an item in your cart does not secure it to you. Our website operates on a first come first served basis which is the fairest system for everyone. If someone checks out faster than you, there is nothing we can do.


2/ All refunds owing for promotions or excess shipping charges will be made the week following the event. We are unable to process those refunds during the event itself.


3/ Credit card refunds can take a number of working days to appear back on your card. The exact time frame varies from bank to bank and this is completely out of our control.


4/ Shipping takes longer during events. We do not even begin to look at orders until the week following the event and please understand that we ship as fast as we are able to. You'll receive an automated dispatch notification once your order has shipped. The tracking number will be included. Approximately 24 hours late the same tracking number will be uploaded to our website. We regret we are unable to give you estimates as to when your orders will ship or when they will be received. Please remember that once an order has left us, we have no control at all over the speed it travels or the route it takes. We see no information that you do not on tracking.


5/ All sales are final. We do not accept returns on items purchased during promotions and sale periods.


6/ Related to the above please do not click buy unless you are committed to an item. Buying should not be seen as a way to reserve a product while you wait for other listings. It's unfair to other customers and for this reason again, all sales are final. There will be no cancellations or edits of orders once they are placed.


7/ Shipping charges apply to all Trollbeads free bracelet promotions. For those spending $50 (or $75 for international customers) or more on other items during the weekend, you'll receive a refund once the event is over but there is no way to remove them at checkout.


8/ Per Trollbeads own rules, event products cannot be shipped outside of the USA and Canada. These are not our rules but a brand decision that we must adhere too.


9/ Shipping times during COVID are longer than usual and this is completely out of our control. Most international borders are closed and this can result in packages sitting in distribution centers waiting for room on planes to be exported. We see exactly the same on tracking as you do and have no access to any deeper insight. Unfortunately contacting us for more information is fruitless and patience with the mail is required as the pandemic continues to slow global logistics.


10/ Please remember stock of rare Trollbeads event items is out of of control. We do not have the option of ordering hundreds of these special designs. For this reason demand will exceed supply.


11/ No Gratitude Points can be used during the event.

Missing Promotions or Discounts - Express Checkout Customers

Please read the following carefully.


Our website allows customers to check out via various Express Payment options. This includes but is not limited to Paypal Express, Apply Pay and supported Credit Card Express systems.


When using these payment methods, checkout is diverted away from our website. The payment provider will remove any discounts or free beads you qualify for. This is nothing we can fix and is completely out of our control. The payment providers do not know we have offers or sales and will charge you full price. What's more if you have already attempted checkout with one of these methods, the discounts will still not show if you try to go back to your cart. The only way to stop this happening is for us to disable these checkout options, (which we are not going to do.)


For customers choosing these express checkout options, refunds will be made after the event.