Waxing Poetic Bee Saved - Elephant Charm (4325655347243)
Waxing Poetic Bee Saved - Elephant Charm (4325655347243)

Bee Saved - Elephant Charm
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Product Description

Designed to raise awareness of the importance of two endangered members of our earth family -- bees and elephants -- this micro collection has an inspiring backstory worth sharing. In 2018, Patti, our Creative Director took a life-changing trip to Africa, fell in love with elephants, and was so moved by one in particular (a darling rescue named Enkesha whose poor trunk had gotten caught in a snare) that she ‘adopted’ her.

This little charm is so dear! Our Bee Saved Elephant Charm is highly detailed, cast in bright brass with engraved detailing and joined by a jubilant sterling silver spinning bee. The reverse side is etched with: BEE SAVED.


  • Brass
  • Sterling Silver

Product Dimensions

This item measures 0.9 inches