Waxing Poetic Evertied Heart Charm (4322244952107)
Waxing Poetic Evertied Heart Charm (4322244952107)

Evertied Heart Charm
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Editor's Notes

The Waxing Poetic Evertied Heart Charm is a favorite here at Great Lakes. Raised brass hearts sit on a darkened silver base creating a beautiful contrast. The heart are inextricably linked; soulmates if you like. This adorable charm is a must have for representing the most precious people in our lives.


A classic heart of sterling silver, ornamented on one side with two bright brass hearts (evertied!), and the other with a few words, both poetic and true: MINE IS EVER TIED TO YOURS (because they are). Although designed with moms and daughters in mind, like love itself, there is no distinct boundary and as such, it is suitable to give for a myriad of reasons.

Product Specifications

  • Sterling Silver
  • Brass
  • 0.8 inches in length



Waxing Poetic hangers are universal for those of you wishing to use them on your bead bracelets.