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Momento Charm Dragonfly

Editor's Notes

The Waxing Poetic Momento Charm Dragonfly is an ode to the dragonfly, often seen as a symbol of transition but also of the changing seasons.

Though the charm bracelet concept has evolved over the years, at it's heart is still the idea of honoring the things most important to us. 

The Waxing Poetic Memento Charms are simple, rectangular brass charms with a focal symbol. In this case it's a raised silver dragonfly. On the rear of the charm is the simple word; "Seeker"

Brand Description

An intricate rendering of a sterling silver dragonfly hovers in the middle of a sunny brass badge, scored along its edge to create a frame. Embracing ourselves as “SEEKER” can be an unfolding in and of itself. It starts simply: with an awareness of the existence of the search—that there is more to discover, more ways in which we can grow. Knowing there’s even the possibility to understand beyond the surface of things is what gives these tender, attentive souls the curiosity to ask, the perseverance to explore, a longing to be immersed in the bigness of what life means, and the readiness to sit in the mystery.

Product Specifications

  • Sterling silver
  • Brass
  • 0.76 inches