Redbalifrog Feather of Hearts (1530648199211)
Redbalifrog Feather of Hearts (1530648199211)
Redbalifrog Feather of Hearts (1530648199211)

Feather of Hearts
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Editor's Notes

The Redbalifrog Feather of Hearts is an exceptionally details feather bead. From it's shape to the intricacy of the quils, this design is truly lovely. A small heart nestles discretely to the top.

Though this launched as part of a Valentine's Day bead collection, we've found use for it on nature themed, Harry Potter themed and even bracelets for book lovers and writers.

Brand Description

This feather represents 'Maat' the Egyptian goddess of harmony, justice, and truth. Her feather was the measure that determined whether souls (considered to reside in the heart) of the departed would reach the paradise of afterlife successfully.

Product Specifications

  • Hallmarked Sterling silver


Redbalifrog use universal cores and hangers ensuring compatibility with all major bead bracelet brands.

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