Redbalifrog Sea Turtle Hatchling (1530008371243)
Redbalifrog Sea Turtle Hatchling (1530008371243)

Sea Turtle Hatchling
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Editor's Notes

The Redbalifrog Sea Turtle Hatchling is a chunky, focal piece. We adore this bead. It's impossible to look at that little face and not smile. Consider this an essential for your oceanic bracelets.

Brand Description

Once baby turtles hatch, they find their way to the ocean. Many years later they will return to lay their eggs on the same beach to repeat the circle of life. Turtles have an important role in ancient mythology worldwide. They are often connected with creation myths regarding the origin of the Earth.


Redbalifrog use universal cores making them compatible with most major bead bracelets. From our website this includes:-

  • Redbalifrog bracelets & bangles
  • Trollbeads bracelets & bangles
  • The Palace of Amber bracelets & bangles
  • Thomas Sabo Karma Beads bracelets & bangle
  • Bella Fascini bangles

Product Specifications

  • Hallmarked Sterling silver