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Empower Bracelet - Grace - Silver Rhodonite & Rose Quartz

Editor's Notes

The Scout Curated Wears Empower Bracelets are one size fits all, striking gemstone bracelets with uplifting and motivating phrases. You'll find a striking array of gemstones to suit your outfits, seasons and mood.

These bracelets can be worn with either the empowerment phrase facing upwards so you can see it throughout the day, or under the wrist with the focus more on the stones and their color.

These bracelets are ideal for gifting and stress free shopping as there is no worrying about size.

The empowerment phrase on this bracelet is Grace; a reminder that no matter what life throws at us, always meet it with dignity and grace and never compromise your own values.

Brand Description

A mosaic of semi precious stones and matte tile beads are strung together with empowering words to inspire positivity.

Product Specifications

  • Silver
  • Rhodochroiste
  • Rose quartz

Size Guide

  • One size fits all