Trollbeads Victory Bead (1521021485099)

Victory Bead
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Every day has its small victories. Look at this bead and remember yours.Victory is a Sterling Silver bead exuding strengh and will-power. A musthave for the ambition soul. It can be used when putting together a piece of Trollbeads jewellery. Put the stunning Victory bead on a simple Sterling Silver Bracelet with the Sterling Silver Lock or on a Sterling Silver Bangle, Copper Bangle, Gold Plated Bangle or leather bracelet in your preffered colour. You could also use the Victory bead on a Sterling Silver Foxtail Necklace, Sterling Silver Changeable Fantasy Necklace, Sterling Silver Neck Bangle or Sterling Silver Fantasy Necklace with choice of gemstone including Malachite, White Pearl, Black Onyx, or Rosa Pearl.