Trollbeads Sea Urchin Bead (1520980983851)

Sea Urchin Bead
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These mysterious creatures live in a magical world under the sea.Sea Urchin bead is a delicate glass bead you can use when styling your Trollbeads jewellery and telling your stories. Put the Sea Urchin bead on a classic Sterling Silver Bracelet with the Sterling Silver Lock or on a Sterling Silver Bangle, Copper Bangle, Gold Plated Bangle or Leather Bracelet in your favourite colour.It is also possible to use the Sea Urchin bead on a beautiful, handcrafted Sterling Silver Foxtail Necklace, Changeable Fantasy Necklace, Sterling Silver Neck Bangle or Sterling Silver Fantasy Necklace with a gemstone; including Malachite, White Pearl, Rosa Pearl or Black Onyx.The Sea Urchin bead is also magnificent on a Sterling Silver Ring of Change.This bead is made of Italian Glass.