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The Palace of Amber Evergreen Garland

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The Palace of Amber Evergreen Garland is a limited edition exclusive to Great Lakes Boutique. This bead continues the popular evergreen design, first introduced via limited edition (and long sold out,) stoppers and more recently used as the decorative core on the Hope, Winter Rose and Sugar Plum glass.

Evergreen Garland is designed to be used year round, while changing the colors of your bracelet (or perhaps the center of the bead,) to suit the season or holiday in question. The bead offers a choice of inserts. Choose between a green chalcedony with opal or a moonstone with opal, both carefully chosen for the winter season. All existing Alternate Mandala inserts are also compatible with this bead.

Product Specifications

  • Hallmarked sterling silver
  • Green chalcedony / opal insert
  • Moonstone / opal insert


The Palace of Amber use universal cores ensuring their compatibility with all major bead bracelet brands. From our store this includes:-

  • The Palace of Amber bracelets & bangles
  • Trollbeads bracelets & bangles
  • Thomas Sabo Karma Beads bracelets & bangles
Insert: Green Chalcedony & Opal
The Palace of Amber Hope Rod #1

The Palace of Amber Hope Rod #1

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