Trollbeads Big Fish Lock (1616572940331)

Big Fish Lock
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The Trollbeads Big Fish Lock is what is commonly described in the community as a double jointed or double lock. These are very user friendly and make perfect locks for new collectors.

Aside from it's user friendly design, this lock is detailed and ideal for nature themed bracelets.

As this lock is a little longer than the norm, you may wish to use a shorter bracelet.

Brand Description

"All's well that ends well, and this gorgeous fish is the perfect end to your Trollbead bracelet.

This is a longer double lock, which means the bracelet will be looser. If this is undesirable, choose a bracelet 1 cm shorter than you would otherwise wear.

Use of this lock for leather bracelets is possible, but not recommended."

Product Specifications

  • 32 mm in length
  • 14 mm in height
  • 6 g
  • Hallmarked Sterling silver


  • Trollbeads Bracelets
  • The Palace of Amber Bracelets
  • Redbalifrog Bracelets


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