Trollbeads Drift Away Kit (1520903421995)

Drift Away Kit
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Editor's Notes

The Trollbeads Drift Away Kit was not produced for long and yet we feel it captures the colors of fall so well. From the crisp cool blue skies, to the chocolate browns of fallen leaves. This is a kit worth purchasing in it's entirety as the colors meld so well together.

Please be aware this kit is now sadly retired so very limited stock remains. 

As with all glass beads you can expect some variation from the stock image pictured. This is due to glass beads being handmade so all are unique in their own way.

Brand Description

Nothing new happens by staying in the same place​.Beads included in this kit: Harvest, Mountain Climb, Drifting Balloons, Stepping Stones, Fresh Breeze, Warm Breeze.Please note: Each glass bead is handmade over a red-hot open flame and no two glass beads are ever completely alike. This goes for size, coloration and pattern. Your bead may have slight variations from the beads pictured.


This bead features a small core and is not compatible with all bracelets. It does work with the following carriers from our store:-

  • Trollbeads bracelets & bangles
  • The Palace of Amber bracelets & Hexagonal Bangle
  • Redbalifrog bracelets & bangles
  • Thomas Sabo Karma Beads bracelets & bangles
  • Bella Fascini Cuff Bangle