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Heart Ripples Bracelet

Editor's Notes

The Trollbeads Heart Ripples Bracelet was the limited edition Designer Bracelet for 2020. Designer Bracelets are limited in number and feature exclusive components. The only way to acquire those pieces is to buy the complete set.

The Trollbeads Heart Ripples Bracelet features an exclusive glass, silver, lock and of course your required bracelet size.

Please note that as with all glass beads, variation is to be expected.

Brand Description

Every act of kindness spreads like ripples in the water.

The bracelet consists of a Sterling silver bracelet with new Sterling silver bead, new Sterling silver lock and a stunning glass bead – all in the theme of ripples in the water.

Product Specification

Each bracelet set includes:-

  • Blue Heart Ripples Glass Bead
  • Silver Heart Bead
  • Silver Heart Lock
  • Silver Bracelet

Size Guide

Trollbeads bracelet sizes include the lock. If you order an 18 cm bracelet, the chain length will be 16cm, allowing the lock to make up the remaining 2 cm. Please ensure your bracelet size is correct before placing the order.

Bracelet Size: 14 cm / 5.5 in