Waxing Poetic Axiom Charm - Key (4381026025515)

Axiom Charm - Key
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Small but mighty, our Axiom Charm Collection proves that words can transcend a life from one moment in time to impart timeless wisdom of the past to us today. Axioms, one-part poetry and one-part principle, are vessels for truth. Layer any among the six symbols of this collection and pair with our Epiphany, Minuet or Baby Ball Chains, Influencer Earrings, or clip-able bracelets and necklaces. (note: charms do not fit all chains)

A key signifies power and understanding. For if there is a key, there is a door. And in your hand, you hold access to hidden treasures. The shape of our Axiom Key’s bow, crowned with a single Swarovski crystal, holds the biggest revelation of all: love and light alone will unlock our hearts. Pair with the Lock Axiom Charm.


  • Sterling Silver

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