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Momento Charm Heart

Editor's Notes

The Waxing Poetic Momento Charm Heart is an ode to those we hold dearest.

Though the charm bracelet concept has evolved over the years, at it's heart is still the idea of honoring the things most important to us. 

The Waxing Poetic Memento Charms are simple, rectangular brass charms with a focal symbol. In this case it's a raised silver heart. On the back of the charm is the simple word; "Eternal"

Brand Description

A pure and stunning sterling silver contour of a heart beams against a brassy backdrop, scored along its side to create a frame. Love, in beautiful paradox, is more abundant, the more it is given; more eternal, the more in every moment it is welcomed. If we look back, how often has one act or word of kindness, compassion, forgiveness, or trust forever impacted the course of our life? The love in another has a way of kindling the love in us, and on it goes—love “ETERNAL”.

Product Specifications

  • Sterling silver
  • Brass
  • 0.76 inches