Estate Jewelry Orders Placed before 2 pm Eastern Monday - Saturday, Ship the Same Day

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Advantages of Estate Jewelry

Any piece of jewelry that is pre-owned. This can range from vintage and antique pieces, to modern designs.

For a piece to be considered vintage, it generally has to be over 20 to 30 years old.

Antique jewelry is most commonly accepted to be over 100 years old.

There are many reasons to choose estate jewelry versus new pieces.

Jewelry depreciates much like new vehicles; meaning the moment you leave a store, your jewelry is worth less.

This equates to more for your money, meaning better and larger stones.

You'll find unique pieces as opposed to the mass produced generic designs that litter big box stores.

Often the craftsmanship is better. Unfortunately the adage that "they don't make things the way they used to" stands true for jewelry.

It's also environmentally friendly. No new mining is involved in estate jewelry pieces. They are carefully inspected and repaired or restored where necessary. There are exquisite diamonds and precious stones available without the need for more mining.

We're a precious metals dealer. Meaning we specialize in offer investment grade precious metals (bullion) direct to customers. Our industry is highly regulated and we have to be licensed with our home state. You're in very safe hands.

This puts us in a highly unique position to be analyzing and handling all precious metals; including jewelry.

We have diamond and gemstone specialists on site and many years of experience when it comes to fine jewelry.

Most rings can be resized but it does depend on the design of the band, the stones used and also how drastic the resize would be.

If viable, we can resize the ring on site before it ships to you, although this does incur a small fee.

If you're interested in a specific piece and need to ask about resizing, please reach out to

It's the most environmentally and sustainable decision you can make.

No new mining of metals or stones is required with estate jewelry.

There are plenty of exquisite diamonds and precious stones already available. By choosing an estate piece, you are safe in the knowledge that no further mining has been required for your jewelry.

The fast fashion industry (and this can include jewelry,) is responsible for massive amounts of waste with unwanted goods dumped in landfill.

Whether you're looking for everyday fashion jewelry or diamond pieces to last a lifetime, there's no reason to buy new.

Yes, by definition estate jewelry cannot be restocked as we're dealing with individual pieces and not mass produced designs.

Every piece is carefully inspected and professionally cleaned. It is then individually photographed for presentation of our website. You'll receive the exact piece pictured and you're not shopping from computer generated images.

Once a piece is sold out, we cannot replace that exact piece of jewelry but we are constantly acquiring new pieces.

For all estate pieces, orders placed before 2 pm eastern, Monday to Saturday, will ship the same day, (federal holidays exempt.)

The only exception is if you need a ring resizing.

All of our estate jewelry is ready to ship.