Scout Curated Wears Lava Stone Bracelet - Stone of Strength (1733259067435)

Lava Stone Bracelet Stone of Strength
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Editor's Notes

The Scout Curate Wears Stone Stacking Bracelets are chunky, spherical cut stones that focus on the beauty of the natural material. You can stack them, layer them with other Scout Bracelets, or simply wear alone.

These one size fits all bracelets are ideal for gifting or stress free shopping. Choose your favorite, check out and wait for it to arrive with no constant worry as to whether it will fit.

This particular bracelet features lava stone, a stone of strength. It's said to connect the wearer to the powerful energies of the volcanoes that made the stone. It's grounding and calming and offers stability in times of transition.

Brand Description

Stack beauty and strength with our gracefully-strung gemstone bracelets. Mix and match stacks to create unique looks and intentions. 

Product Specifications

  • 8 mm stones
  • One size fits all