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Silver Aztec Calendar Earrings

Editor's Notes

Please note these are exactly the earrings you will receive.

These Silver Aztec Calendar Earrings Each earring is a miniature work of art, capturing the essence of the Aztec civilization's reverence for time and celestial cycles. The Aztec calendar, also known as the Sun Stone, is a symbol of wisdom, spirituality, and the eternal nature of the universe. By wearing these earrings, you carry a piece of history and a connection to ancient cultures.

The earrings measure 5.4 cm or 2.1 inches in total length. The top silver sun stones measure 1.2 cm or 0.5 inches in both width and height. The lower sun stone measures 1.8 cm or 0.7 inches in both height and width.  Meanwhile the earrings weigh 7.1 grams and are hallmarked sterling silver.

Please note that as with all estate jewelry, these earrings are preloved making them the ultimate sustainable jewelry choice.

Product Specifications

  • Silver Aztec Calendar Earrings
  • Hallmarked sterling silver
  • Measure 5.4 cm or 2.1 inches in total length
  • Weigh 7.1 grams

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