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Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2021 Promotion Summary

This bead bracelet blog brings a full overlook and details of the Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2021 Promotions.

This time next week we'll be very close to the start of Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2021 so this evening we're confirming the final promotions for the event and also detailing how these will all work.

Please be aware that we don't accept returns on any items purchased during sales and promotions.

Firstly we want to stress a couple of things. If you spread your orders out over the entire weekend, which most of you will be doing, promotion refunds are made the week after the event. We don't have time to keep tallies and do them during the event weekend itself. Equally if you incur multiple shipping charges during the weekend, they will also be combined and refunded as necessary once the event is over. We always recommend checking out promptly during events to avoid missing items, rest assured we'll ensure all promotions due to you are applied after the weekend is over.

Secondly promotions apply once you are on the cart page. If you use Paypal Express Checkout and skip that step, promotions don't get applied. It is a convenient checkout option for some of you wishing to speed through and again refunds will be made once the event is over.

Events can be confusing. There's a lot happening. What follows should answer all of your questions and it is worth reading through to help you be prepared before the event. If you have questions not answered here, then please contact us via social media, live chat or email at ahead of the event. (Response times can be slower during the event and you can risk missing beads if you're sat waiting on emails.)

Trollbeads Promotions for Bead Bash on the Lake

The Trollbeads promotions for Bead Bash are familiar to most of you, though there's an addition for uniques this event.

Please be aware that all special event stock is excluded from all of these offers. That means Faceted Uniques, antique jewelry, Armadillos, Danish Prisms, Gentle Touch, Sophistication, Cat Pendants, Changeable Pendants, mini barrels, Troll Stones and there'll be a couple more surprises too.

The newest Trollbeads releases are always excluded. That means the last two seasonal releases (spring 2021 and Christmas 2020,) plus the mini or limited edition releases in between. This means Compassion Rose, I Love You and the Natural Gray Quartz are excluded.

Trollbeads Promotions

The promotions are as follows:-

  • Buy 3 Get 1 Free (exclusions above. Requires 4 beads in your cart to process automatically. Cheapest item is free.)
  • Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off Gemstones (exclusions above. Requires 2 beads in your cart to process automatically.)
  • Save 25% on Gold (discounted prices show in your cart. Does not stack with buy 3 get 1 free.)
  • Free Bracelet Promotion (with the purchase of any decorative lock. Does not stack with buy 3 get 1 free. Additional shipping charges apply.)
  • Free Spacers Promotion (with the purchase of any bangle. Does not stack with buy 3 get 1 free)
  • Buy a Trollbeads Pendant, Save 25% on a Necklace
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Single Trollbeads Uniques (requires 3 uniques in your cart to process automatically)

To clarify the stacking issue. You cannot buy three locks, get a fourth free PLUS get four free bracelets. Equally you cannot purchase three bangles, get a fourth free PLUS get free pairs of spacers for all of them. You can buy three locks alone and get a fourth free, or three bangles alone and get a fourth free. Nor can you save 25% on gold beads plus apply buy three get one free to the offer. You can of course place multiple orders to participate in different offers.

For this reason the free bracelet promotion and free spacer promotion have their own collection pages where you select the required bracelet size or spacer type. It's important to use these pages. We won't automatically add free bracelets and spacers to standard lock or bangle purchases. Rather we'll assume you are using the orders towards the buy three get one free. Fear not, links to these promotions will be on the front page and in the menu throughout our event.

This is a U.S. event and per Trollbeads' own rules, no special product nor promotions are shipped outside of the USA or Canada.

The Palace of Amber, Thomas Sabo & Bella Fascini Promotions

For The Palace of Amber, Thomas Sabo Karma Beads & Bella Fascini, the promotion is as follows:-

  • Buy 3 Get 1 Free(four items needed in cart to process automatically.)

There are no exclusions and you can mix and match across all three brands. That is to say you could order two beads from The Palace of Amber, one from Thomas Sabo and one from Bella Fascini with the cheapest item being free. You cannot include Trollbeads in this mix.

There are no exclusions for any of these brands and there are no geographical restrictions.

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