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Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2021 Schedule

This bead bracelet blog brings the full schedule for the Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2021 event.

Bead Bash on the Lake begins at midnight on Thursday night. That means midnight as Thursday turns to Friday. At this point all promotions will begin and you can find a reminder of those below. Remember that all times listed are EDT (Eastern Daylight Time.)

Please be aware that a lot of products and promotions are starting simultaneously so do allow a few minutes for everything to settle down.

Finally please remember that issues can arise that cause disruptions to the schedule. Power outages, internet problems and so on can happen. We will always follow the schedule as closely as possible.

Friday April the 30th

All promotions begin as the clock strikes midnight. Please note that any order placed prior to that time is exempt from all promotions.  

Midnight / 12 am - Trollbeads Premium Unique Kits

Midnight / 12 am - Live Image Gemstones & Pearls (Trollbeads / The Palace of Amber & Thomas Sabo Karma Beads)

9 am - Trollbeads Single Uniques

11 am - Redbalifrog Seashell Stopper

12 pm / noon - Trollbeads Faceted Uniques

1 pm - The Palace of Amber Secret

3 pm - Trollbeads Mini Barrels

4 pm - The Palace of Amber Wavy Lace Agate

5 pm - Trollbeads Jumbo Uniques

6 pm - The Palace of Amber Steampunk

7 pm - Trollbeads Gentle Touch

8 pm - Carved Ambers (Trollbeads / The Palace of Amber)

Saturday May the 1st

The 3 pm retired / misc specials will feature beads we have very few of such as Troll Stones, Danish Prisms, some earlier event beads and some retired designs.

9 am - The Palace of Amber Anchored

10 am - Trollbeads Jumbo Uniques

11 am - Trollbeads Faceted Uniques

12 pm / Noon - Trollbeads Armadillo Duos

1 pm - Trollbeads Gentle Touch

2 pm - Trollbeads Cat Pendants & Changeable Pendants

3 pm - Trollbeads Retired & Misc. Specials

4 pm - The Palace of Amber Secret

5 pm - Antique Jewelry

6 pm - Redbalifrog Seashell Stopper

7 pm - Trollbeads Uniques

Sunday May the 2nd

All promotions will end at midnight on Sunday night. Any orders placed after that point are exempt from all offers. Please understand these are strict brand rules that we must adhere to.

10 am - Redbalifrog Seashell Stopper

11 am - The Palace of Amber Floral Garden Pendants

Afternoon - To Be Confirmed...

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