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Feldspar Moonstone Inspiration for the Summer Flower Moon

This charm bracelet blog brings a little feldspar moonstone inspiration for the summer flower moon.

Yesterday saw the final super moon of 2020, a flower moon. We're now close to the official start of the summer season an for the past couple of days we've been sharing some seasonal bracelet ideas.

Today is all about feldspar moonstones. I've use these stones multiple times in the past to represent those amazing orange shades the moon sometimes shows and this set of bangles was created to celebrate this final super moon. I adore this stone. Not only is it versatile but they can show the most beautiful pearlescent sheen or gold glitter sparkles. This article features feldspar moonstones from both The Palace of Amber and Trollbeads, plus I've included a couple of stones that are similar in shade so you can get a feel for where those exact differences are.

Feldspar moonstones range from very deep blood orange shades through to more common corals. You can shop live images (and video) of The Palace of Amber Feldspar Moonstones below.

One of the reasons I love the feldspar moonstones is their versatility. In summer they positively glow in the light, taking on their own own little sunshine effect. In fall they become reminiscent of the changing foliage and bring a warmth to really organic, autumnal combinations. For reference the two bangles were on one wrist, the two mini bracelets on the second wrist but I am terrible at photographing with my left hand.

On the lower bangle are The Palace of Amber stones in the center and you can see they're quite chunky stones. To the outer edge of that lower bangle are the Trollbeads Round Sunstones. Though these vary too, for the most part you'll find they run much deeper in shade than feldspar moonstones. The gold inclusions that appear in both of these stones are caused by pyrite but in sunstone this can appear more as flakes where as in feldspar moonstone it's a glitter effect.

On the upper bangle are the Trollbeads feldspar moonstones with their signature faceted cut. I've used the Trollbeads Joy as the focal glass here as the colors work so well.

The two gold beads are a nod to the flower moon with the Trollbeads Wishing Star to the left and the Bella Fascini Gold Plated Flower Band to the right.

I love mini bracelets! I really struggle with full bracelets these days and most days opt for bangles or mini bracelets. This combination features The Palace of Amber baby cut feldspar moonstone with the Trollbeads Round Sunstone. Again hopefully this gives you a little comparison in cuts and sizes.

The clasp is The Palace of Amber Gold Plum Blossom and is a custom made piece, though we have this single example available.

The silver bead is of course the Trollbeads Moon & Stars which has become a best seller since it's launch last winter.


This mini combination is Thomas Sabo Karma Beads and features the red aventurine (and a labradorite) instead. Aventurine and feldspar moonstone are very easy to confuse and they span a huge range of shades too.

Most of the Thomas Sabo Red Aventurines we have seen so far have had good depth of color and you can check out the live images for them right here.

We've been so very impressed with the Karma Beads gemstones so far.

As mentioned this set of bracelets was actually split between two wrists. The two minis on one and the two bangles on the other. With each I had teamed a Scout Curated Wears bracelet. I adore these and they're so easy to wear. They have such a huge selection of stone stacking bracelets that can be coordinated with bead bangles and bracelets. Used here is the Pearl & Gemstone Bracelet with Pink Agate and the Moonstone Stone Stacking Bracelet.

Scout Curated Wears Pearl & Gemstone Bracelet - Pink Agate (4384890093611)
The Palace of Amber The Palace of Amber Fortitude Gold (4355967025195)
The Palace of Amber The Palace of Amber Plum Lock Gold (4385253425195)
The Palace of Amber The Palace of Amber Solstice Stopper (4364421169195)
Trollbeads Wishing Star (1546976264235)
Scout Curated Wears Moonstone Stone Bracelet - Stone of Balance (1733256314923)
The Palace of Amber The Palace of Amber Bamboo Stopper Gold (4364420841515)
Thomas Sabo Gold Crushed Pavé Bead (4374583443499)
Thomas Sabo Labradorite Bead (4376917278763)
Thomas Sabo Red Aventurine Bead (4377667829803)
Great Lakes Boutique Joy (4370996396075)
Redbalifrog Redbalifrog Cherry Blossom Stoppers

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