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Ohm Beads Promotion Begins

This Ohm Beads blog alerts readers to the start of an Ohm Beads promotion at Great Lakes Boutique.

The newest Ohm Beads promotion is now here and it takes the form of a buy two get one free offer on select products. For Great Lakes Boutique, this offer applies to all of our exclusive designs and you can browse those via the link below. The list is as follows:-

  • Ohm Beads Dirty OhmMyGod 1
  • Ohm Beads Dirty OhmMyGod 2
  • Ohm Beads Beltane
  • Ohm Beads Green Tambourine
  • Ohm Beads Purple Rain
  • Ohm Beads Pink Matter
  • Ohm Beads Lilac Wine
  • Ohm Beads Dirty Love Wounds
  • Ohm Beads Bad Dreams
  • Ohm Beads Eerie Nights

With the Ohm Beads OhmMyGod 5 launching in a little over two weeks, it's a perfect opportunity to stock up on the beads we have remaining in the series. This includes Dirty OhmMyGod 1 and Dirty OhmMyGod 2. Eerie Nights was also designed to complement this series so be sure to consider those too.

The website will be processing this offer automatically so when you have three or more eligible beads in your cart, the cheapest will be free. Please note the discount happens at check out so don't be alarmed if you don't see that in your cart. (We're working on this, I know it's annoying. It's also actually really annoying to fix too :p)

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