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Trollbeads Glass Bead Price Changes

This Trollbeads blog brings the details of the changes to Trollbeads glass pricing for 2020.

On January the 17th there will be changes to pricing for some of the Trollbeads collection glass. This is to account for the ever increasing complexity of their designs. Please do note that the Trollbeads Spring 2020 and Trollbeads Valentine's Day 2020 prices do not change. They already account for these alterations.

All glass I current collection beads (that's the glass currently retailing at $39 each,) will increase to $50 each.

A few glass 2 current collection beads (currently retailing at $50,) will increase to $61. These designs are:-

  • Trollbeads Engraved Fuchsia
  • Trollbeads Engraved Azure
  • Trollbeads Saffron Facet
  • Trollbeads Engraved Romance
  • Trollbeads Engraved Poetic
  • Trollbeads Sahara Night Facet
  • Trollbeads Sahara Jewel Facet

Please notice again it applies to current collection glass only. Retired and newly retired designs are excluded.

The most recent release seeing an increase is the beautiful Trollbeads Autumn 2019 collection. As such we've just listed new stock of these glass beads for anyone wishing to buy before the increase. The Flowers of Elegance and Flowers of Poise have always been particularly popular.

By request to help those of you unsure of what is retired and what is not, these are the beads part of the glass bead group I changes. (These move from $39 to $50.)

  • Trollbeads White Cap
  • Trollbeads Beach
  • Trollbeads Universal Pink Desert
  • Trollbeads Wave of Dreams
  • Trollbeads Cozy
  • Trollbeads The Eye
  • Trollbeads Traces
  • Trollbeads Spirit Light
  • Trollbeads Universal Azure Bubbles
  • Trollbeads Ivory Violets
  • Trollbeads Amber Violets
  • Trollbeads Purple Rippling Bubbles
  • Trollbeads Moonlight Bubbles
  • Trollbeads Aurora Stripe
  • Trollbeads Aurora Flower
  • Trollbeads Silver Lining
  • Trollbeads Ancient Palace
  • Trollbeads Desert Rose
  • Trollbeads Oasis
  • Trollbeads Scirocco
  • Trollbeads Fountain of Life
  • Trollbeads Magical Lamp
  • Trollbeads Seabed Stripe
  • Trollbeads Spring Wave
  • Trollbeads Azure Wave
  • Trollbeads Seabed
  • Trollbeads Silver Trace Turquoise
  • Trollbeads Pink Conch
  • Trollbeads Sea Anemone
  • Trollbeads Neptune's Promise
  • Trollbeads Pink Petals
  • Trollbeads Tropical Conch
  • Trollbeads Rose Ribbon
  • Trollbeads White Bubbles
  • Trollbeads White Steel
  • Trollbeads Turquoise Ribbon
  • Trollbeads Pink Desert
  • Trollbeads Wild Flowers
  • Trollbeads Soul of Flowers
  • Trollbeads Soulmates
  • Trollbeads Perfect Moments
  • Trollbeads Love & Laughter
  • Trollbeads Forest Mist
  • Trollbeads Leaf Fall
  • Trollbeads Prehnite Peacock
  • Trollbeads Blaze Stripe
  • Trollbeads Stardust Stripe
  • Trollbeads Illusion
  • Trollbeads Temptation
  • Trollbeads Enchanted Flowers
  • Trollbeads Gleam Stripe
  • Trollbeads Cool Breeze
  • Trollbeads Flowers of Grace
  • Trollbeads Dragonfly on Silk
  • Trollbeads Drops of White
  • Trollbeads White Tulips
  • Trollbeads Flowers of Elegance
  • Trollbeads Roots of Wisdom
  • Trollbeads Seeds of Hope
  • Trollbeads Flowers of Hope
  • Trollbeads Green Tulips
  • Trollbeads Drops of Green
  • Trollbeads Dragonfly in Garden
  • Trollbeads Roots of Spirit
  • Trollbeads Golden Foliage
  • Trollbeads Flowers of Poise
  • Trollbeads Golden Poppies
  • Trollbeads Flowers of Passion
  • Trollbeads Birds of Freedom
  • Trollbeads Birds of Joy
  • Trollbeads Flying Thoughts
  • Trollbeads Dream Stripe
  • Trollbeads Dream Blaze
  • Trollbeads Dream Blossom
  • Trollbeads Mindful
  • Trollbeads Doodle


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