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Gemology - Amazonite

Last year we introduced a new style of article that takes an in depth look at a particular stone. Today is the turn of amazonite as we're taking full advantage of an extremely nice batch received from The Palace of Amber.

Amazonite is known for it's blue-green coloring and there is a little variation in the exact shade.

It's a member of the feldspar family. Most often amazonite has white, chalky looking inclusions and this is white quartz or feldspar. These inclusions say nothing about the quality of the stone; it's absolutely normal for amazonite to have these.

In bead terms it sits closest in coloring to most emeralds, (though it's worth noting that emeralds vary enormously in their color.) Emeralds do not however have any white inclusions.

From left to right in the image below we have malachite, green strawberry quartz, emerald, amazonite, amazonite, emerald, green strawberry quartz and malachite.

Amazonites can be either translucent or opaque and this often depends on the amount of white quartz or feldspar composing the raw stone.

One major issue with amazonite is that it fractures quite easily and for this reason it's difficult to cut into facets. You'll see amazonites far more in small round beads as it negates the risk of it fracturing when jewelers try to cut it.

Our newest batch of amazonites are exceptionally good. Firstly you'll find no faults in these stones. Second to that notice the beautiful variation in their shade. Some are translucent. Others have the most beautiful striations of white inclusions.

I personally enjoy styling amazonite because it's vibe changes entirely depending on what you wear it with. With soft pinks it becomes incredibly feminine and makes a perfect spring time stone. With greens or cooler tones it's quite frosty and wintery so I find it very versatile.

This is somewhat of a pre-spring bangle set. I've used The Palace of Amber Buena Suerte which was limited edition. If you don't have one yet be sure to grab it as it's perfect for spring and summer. It features a solid rose gold butterfly, ladybug and clover.

These bangles are meant to celebrate the upcoming spring with nature inspired motifs. Buena Suerte has glimpses of what the new season will bring where as the Redbalifrog Holly Man and Snowflakes on the lower bangle reminds us it's still firmly winter.

I've added the Scout Curated Wears Amazonite Wrap.

The Palace of Amber Buena Suerte Rose Gold
Scout Amazonite Wrap Stone of Courage

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