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Trollbeads Spring 2022 Preview

This Trollbeads blog brings a preview of the Trollbeads Spring 2022 collection, officially called the Trollbeads Flower Garden release.

Today brings the preview of the Trollbeads Spring 2022 collection and it's officially called the Trollbeads Flower Garden collection. Trollbeads always release their spring collections extremely early but it does give bead collectors something to look forward to during an otherwise long, cold and rather dull month. As the name suggests, Flower Garden celebrates the return of life to the outside world. From floral motifs to cute animals, it's a very traditionally spring inspired release. The collection features two new glass kits, seven silver beads, a staggering four new locks, one decorative spacer, one pendant, two gemstones and one ring.

The Trollbeads Spring 2022 collection will debut on Friday January the 21st

Trollbeads Spring 2022 - Glass

The Trollbeads Flower Garden Kit is the first of the two new glass kits. As always these beads will be available individually but those of you purchasing full kits will enjoy a discount whereby you'll pay for five of the beads and get the sixth free.

The kit will retail at $305 with the single beads at $61 each which is the usual price point for the faceted glass.

Some of these designs are highly reminiscent of the Trollbeads Fall 2021 collection with the floral theme being continued into spring. This is a design we've also seen appear as part of the Trollbeads Faceted Uniques so those of you who have struggled in the past to collect those should enjoy these designs.

It's an interesting choice of colors ranging from vibrant, new season greens through to more olive shades and then onto tangerine colors.

The single beads in order of their appearance below are the Trollbeads Sun & Soil, Trollbeads Green in Bloom, Trollbeads Flower Bed, Trollbeads Stylish Flowers, Trollbeads Fantasy Orchids and Trollbeads Blossom Orange.

Trollbeads Flower Garden Kit
Trollbeads Sun & Soil
Trollbeads Green in Bloom
Trollbeads Flower Bed
Trollbeads Stylish Flowers
Trollbeads Fantasy Orchids
Trollbeads Blossom Orange
Trollbeads Peaceful Garden

The second kit is the Trollbeads Peaceful Garden set. Once again these beads will be available individually or at a discount for those of you shopping the full kit. The entire kit will be priced at $250 with the single beads retailing at $50 each.

The colors in this kit are almost fall like, or perhaps more exotic but they're incredibly striking and you'll find some beautiful floral motifs creeping in.

Those who have been following the release of the Trollbeads uniques will recognise a couple of the designs from the most recent premium beads, though at least for the flower they were in quite different shades. Garden Path, Tiger Lily, Serenity and Happy Climber have all appeared in the fall uniques so those of you planning ahead for spring may also find renewed interest in hunting out those designs too.

In order of their appearance below is the Trollbeads Garden Path, Trollbeads Happy Climber, Trollbeads Serenity, Trollbeads Seeds of Joy, Trollbeads Peace of Mind and Trollbeads Tiger Lily.

Trollbeads Garden Path
Trollbeads Happy Climber
Trollbeads Serenity
Trollbeads Seeds of Joy
Trollbeads Peace of Mind
Trollbeads Tiger Lily

Trollbeads Spring 2022 - Gemstones

Trollbeads Garnet Feldspar

The two new gemstones are the Trollbeads Garnet Feldspar and the Trollbeads Prehnite with Tourmalinated Quartz. Both will retail at $72.

The Garnet Feldspar is clearly going to vary enormously and I find it slightly reminiscent of the retired Calcite Rock, albeit with more green shades mixed in. Meanwhile the Prehnite with Tourmalinated Quartz I believe is the same as green rutilated quartz so those of you who love the rutilated beads should enjoy this.

Both beads feel apt for spring with the softer, more muted colors and should make for some beautiful organic bracelets.

Trollbeads Prehnite with Tourmalinated Quartz

Trollbeads Spring 2022 - Silver Beads

Trollbeads Petals Unfold

The earliest signs of spring can be found in the silver beads too. The Trollbeads Petals Unfold will retail at $60 and looks a little reminiscent of the very popular Clarity Flower design.

Meanwhile the Trollbeads Caring Leaves will retail at $50 and is a simple, oval shaped bead with leaf motifs. It's quite reminiscent of Leaves of Grace which also leaves me wondering if we're going to see that bead retire in the new year. Generally when we do have a Trollbeads retirement, it is in January.

Trollbeads Caring Leaves
Trollbeads Framed by Buds

The "framed by" designs have been incredibly popular with collectors and for spring two new versions will launch.

The Trollbeads Framed by Buds will be retailing at $39. Meanwhile the Trollbeads Framed by Flower with it's pearl detail will retail at $94.

Fans of the beautiful Flowers of the Month series should enjoy the Framed by Flower enormously.

Trollbeads Framed by Flower

The first of the final three beads is the Trollbeads Serene Beauty, retailing at $94. Again there are freshwater pearl accents here and there's something so crisp and simple about silver and pearls.

The Trollbeads Cheerful Cat will retail at $50 and is a little similar to the Trollbeads Playful Cat Pendant, so there's a good opportunity here for expanding on that theme.

Lastly is the Trollbeads Cicada Melody while is a slender spacer style design with a silver cicada perched on one side. This design will retail at $39 and complete the decorative silver beads for the release.

Trollbeads Serene Beauty
Trollbeads Cheerful Cat
Trollbeads Cicada Melody

Trollbeads Spring 2022 - Locks

Trollbeads Hidden Beauty Lock

Clasps are always the finishing touch to a bracelet though admittedly for some I quite enjoy wearing just the lock on a bare chain. For spring we have four new clasps debuting which is the most we've ever seen in a single collection.

First comes the Trollbeads Hidden Beauty Lock and it continues the silver and pearl mini theme. The petals on one side of the lock look very similar to the Clarity Flower design and I suspect this lock is going to prove very popular with collections. It will retail at $83.

Trollbeads Hidden Beauty Lock
Trollbeads Spiritual Butterfly Lock

Next comes the Trollbeads Spiritual Butterfly Lock and this is such a beautiful design. It continues the recent trend from Trollbeads for gemstone accented locks and the stone is the same prehnite tourmalinated stone from the bead.

Two stones sit on the front and back of the lock while the butterfly details are on either side. Between this and the Hidden Beauty Lock I think the clasps are going to prove real highlights from the spring collection. The Spiritual Butterfly Lock will also retail at $83.

Trollbeads Spiritual Butterfly Lock
Trollbeads Butterfly Clasp

The Trollbeads Butterfly Lock has leaf details on one side and both a leaf and a butterfly on the other. The shape and style is reminiscent of the retired Trollbeads Balance Lily Lock so it's quite broad across the design.

This lock will retail at the slightly lower price of $72.

Trollbeads Beloved Cat Lock

The last of the new locks is the Trollbeads Beloved Cat Lock and this continues a mini theme within this release for our feline friends. In fairness the cats have proven popular for Trollbeads, particularly in light of the craze for the Cat Pendants. Hopefully these pieces will allow some of the collectors who have struggled in obtaining those and who still want to represent their beloved pets an alternative.

The Trollbeads Beloved Cat Lock will also retail at $72.

Trollbeads Beloved Cat Lock

Trollbeads Spring 2022 - Jewelry

Two new jewelry pieces complete this collection. The first is the Trollbeads Butterfly Pendant. This is one of the changeable pendants that have been so popular in recent years. Strictly speaking these are designed for the Trollbeads Changeable Fantasy Necklaces but they're incredibly versatile. They can be worn as dangles, pendants or even lock replacements. The new Trollbeads Butterfly Pendant will retail at $94 and features a very brightly colored, spring feeling glass base.

The second jewelry piece is the Trollbeads Cat at Ease Fantasy Ring. This design like those before it, allows you to add a small bead to the ring. In this instance you'll get the effect of the cat playing with something. The new ring will retail at $127.

Trollbeads Butterfly Pendant
Trollbeads Cat at Ease Fantasy Ring
Trollbeads Cat at Ease Fantasy Ring

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December 18, 2021

The new collection looks amazing. I believe Trollbeads have outdid themselves. Something to look forward to in Jan. can’t wait.



December 18, 2021

Plenty to look forward to, like the faceted glass kit. Look forward to seeing live images nearer release date!

Linda Hall

Linda Hall

December 18, 2021

The butterfly changeable pendant is outstanding! Can’t wait until it is available.

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