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Trollbeads Premium Uniques, Armadillos, Antique Jewelry, Trollstones & More

This Trollbeads blog brings an overview of the final special event stock for Bead Bash on the Lake Fall 2021.

Bead Bash on the Lake begins as the clock strikes midnight on Friday. It's a weekend dedicated to our bead collecting customers. You'll be able to enjoy promotions, new releases, exclusive beads and special Trollbeads event stock.

Over the past couple of weeks we've shared previews of some of the key listings plus the amazing fall event beads. What follows is a summary of the rest of the Trollbeads event stock.

Please remember that all special stock is exempt from the Trollbeads promotions and per brand rules, it cannot be shipped outside of the USA & Canada either. We only have access to this stock twice a year and there's never any guarantee as to what will be offered.

Trollbeads Cat Pendants, Mini Barrels and Faceted Uniques have all been confirmed but there's more to look forward to.

One of the most exciting listings of the weekend will be new Trollbeads premium unique kits and there are even some designs we have never seen before. Alongside these new designs are also some very special Armadillos. Some of these are decorated, others have upto four different colors in them. There will be full kits, duos and trios

Making a return will be a selection of Trollbeads antique rings. Strictly speaking these pre-date Trollbeads and were mostly designed by Soren and Lise Aagaard's father. This means they are not hallmarked as Trollbeads but do come directly from the brand themselves.

Supplies of these rings are definitely declining since they were first offered so if you've missed your chance at these over the past couple of events, this might be your final opportunity.

Trollbeads Trollstones are back too but as usual, stocks are extremely limited of these coveted beads.

Trollstones are limited editions and traditionally Trollbeads offer them for events or special occasions but in very small quantities.

These will be sold as single beads.

Joining the Trollstones will be a very small number of Trollbeads Crazy Lace Agates. These were limited editions for Valentine's Day 2010 and are so beautiful! They'll be available in trios with limited edition Shades of Sparkle glass.

Available for one final time will be the Trollbeads Gentle Touch, global event bead for 2021.

These beads are only available during event weekends. It retires at the end of 2021 and retailers lose access to the design.

Gentle Touch is very pretty so if you've yet to collect this bead, or perhaps want more, you have one final chance this weekend.

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