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Argo Studios Harry Potter Inspired Bracelet

This charm bracelet blog brings inspiration starring an Argo Studios Harry Potter inspired bracelet.

For quarter one of 2020 we have introduced two amazing new bead brands to Great Lakes. The first of course is Thomas Sabo Karma Beads and the second is Argo Studios. These two brands are very different to each other and both have their own quite unique vibe.

Argo Studios have quite a range of themes of their own but my personal favorites are proving to be the beads inspired my literature or stories. For that reason today I'm revisiting a theme I've experimented with a lot over the years.

This bracelet was intended as a late winter early spring Hogwarts themed combination. Somewhat disturbingly for a Hufflepuff, it more resembles a Slytherin bracelet.

The stones used here are The Palace of Amber Green Chalcedony, Green Rutilated Quartz and Moss Agates in the original cut. These chunky cut stones are very well suited to teaming with Argo Studios as so many of these silvers are large too. You can shop live images of what remains of our inventory of these stones below.

The focal here is of course the Argo Studios Winter Tale. This bead is a perfect Narnia inspired focal but I really do like it here for Hogwarts instead. We are currently sold out of this bead even after our second restock. More are ordered so if you do want to pre-order it please contact me via email at

It's undoubtedly one of my favorite designs I've seen so far.

Below are two more favorites which is quite a surprise as I'm not usually keen on humanoid figures in silver. First is the Argo Studios Bookish Witch. With her large cat and books clutched to her chest, she's a clear Hermione. The second is a little less Hogwarts and a little more generically witchy but the detailing on the Argo Studios Cooking Witch is spectacular. In my mind she's brewing a polyjuice potion.

There is no mistaking the Argo Studios Professor of Magic as Snape either. Everything from the hair, the detailing on the robes, the stance and the glare are perfect.

Admittedly this does add to the Slytherin feel of this combination but he's such a great character.

Below you'll see The Palace of Amber Pumpkin Cauldron (size 2 but not pewter) and our beloved Noctis. Please do be aware we have just two Pumpkin Cauldrons left. This was both limited and exclusive for last fall so be sure to grab those if you are missing one.

The Redbalifrog Tree Branch Lock remains one of my all time favorites, across all brands. In this instance it's a perfect ode to the Whomping Willow.

The Palace of Amber Nereida Stoppers are here to represent the Black Lake and it's merpeople population.

The Palace of Amber Pumpkin Cauldron (1870220492843)
Noctis Duo-Tone (4118875897899)
Argo Studios Cooking Witch (4374483632171)
Argo Studios Bookish Witch (4374492512299)
Argo Studios Professor of Magic (4374472359979)
The Palace of Amber Nereida Stopper (1843697156139)

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