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Bella Fascini Inspiration (Before the Sale Ends!)

This bead bracelet blog brings a mix of Bella Fascini bracelet inspiration before the sale ends tonight.

For the past few days there's been a Bella Fascini end of season flash sale. We've been sharing inspirational images across social media but of course, not everyone uses those platforms. Here you'll find a small compilation of bracelet ideas, all focused on the new season.

Until midnight tonight you can save 20% across the entire line. There's no exclusions or minimum order and there's still free global shipping for those of you spending $50 or more.

The sale prices are shown once items are in your basket but the website then processes everything automatically for you.

Do be aware we're very low on stock of certain pieces.

Though Bella Fascini are well known for their holiday themed beads, which are some of the best out there, we love their signature CZ line too. Sure other brands offer CZ beads but Bella Fascinis range of colors is so good.

I adore both the champagne and light lemon yellow for warming, traditional fall bracelets. They're such versatile shades and champagne works well for Halloween too without treading into the territory of very bold shades.

Bella Fascini Beads
Bella Fascini Beads
Bella Fascini Scroll Swirl Stopper - Ultra Silicone Core (1825910620203)
Bella Fascini Oval CZ Champagne (1825843904555)
Bella Fascini Jackie-O Orange Pumpkin (1817977880619)
Bella Fascini Flower Band Spacer - Rose Gold (1825908916267)
Thomas Sabo Obsidian Faceted Bead (4377675530283)
Thomas Sabo Red Aventurine Bead (4377667829803)
The Palace of Amber The Palace of Amber Twisted Alternate Bangle Oxidized
Trollbeads Gold Plated Bangle (1520999628843)
Thomas Sabo Black Ethno Bead (4376929304619)
Trollbeads Flowers of Poise (1849374408747)

Consistently my favorite of the CZ colors has been olivine. I'm not a fan of bold, emerald shades of green but once they step into the olive shades, I adore them.

Unfortunately we're out of the Black Magic Pumpkin now but we do still have this lovely shade of CZs. They work for both fall and Halloween alike.

Bella Fascini Sparkle Enamel Ghost (1825853440043)
Bella Fascini Round CZ Olivine (1825858158635)
Thomas Sabo Green Planet Bead (4374584328235)
Trollbeads Round Black Onyx (1849292816427)

Purples! Purple has always been a popular shade among bead collectors and it makes for a fabulously witchy bracelet too. Both of these bracelets use the Henhousebeads Midnight Twinkle glass which is a massive 60% off right now.

Bella Fascini Purple Jewel Pumpkin (1817977684011)
Bella Fascini Wicked Witch (1825794031659)
Bella Fascini Teapot Cherry Blossom (1825851965483)
Bella Fascini Flower Band Spacer (1825908293675)
Thomas Sabo Royalty Star Bead (4373227077675)
Thomas Sabo Amethyst Bead (4374626533419)
Thomas Sabo Cat's Ears Bead (4373215772715)
Thomas Sabo Zodiac Signs Bead (4373219246123)
Bella Fascini Tea Pot Fancy (1825793114155)

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