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Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet

This Trollbeads blog brings ideas for additional beads to add to the upcoming Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet

Friday sees the launch of the new limited edition Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet. Designer Bracelets are always an exciting launch and this design has proven popular since the previews. The bracelet will retail at just $120 which is a promotional price. It's such a lovely design for the fall season and will make a very heartfelt Christmas gift too. On that note please be aware that we strongly advise placing orders required as Christmas gifts extremely early this year. With supply chain issues plaguing everything and lengthy shipping times too, last minute Christmas shopping is not going to be viable.

As we eagerly await the launch of the new bracelet we thought it would be fun to take a look at some ideal extra designs you could add to it.

Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet
Trollbeads Little Acorns

The Trollbeads Little Acorns is available in silver or the beautiful 18k gold version and these are ideal to add to your Woodland Bracelet.

These beads aren't large but the gold does add a really lovely warm splash to a bracelet.

Trollbeads Little Acorns

Meanwhile the Trollbeads Sneaky Fox Spacer is one of my all time favorite designs. I use this spacer so often throughout the year, not only as a spacer but as a bead too.

It's slender but it's not so small that it gets overshadowed by everything else and it's both unusual and a real must have for your fall bracelets.

For those of you who prefer to keep your Designer Bracelets quite minimal (which I definitely do,) adding a couple of these will keep the beads in place rather than allow them to wander around and it's so on theme.

Fall is by far my favorite season so it's obvious that these designs tend to be my most worn anyway. Pictured below is The Palace of Amber Noctis and the Redbalifrog Maple Lovers Leaf, both of which will work so well with this theme.

My personal plan for the Woodland Bracelet is to get two. This will allow me to have Noctis as a focal in the center, the two glass either side, the two mini beads next and then two Sneaky Fox Spacers. The Maple Lovers Leaf I'll then hang from the new lock. I'll share an editorial for this once the bracelets are actually in hand.

Finally the Trollbeads Maple Leaf bead uses a very similar motif to the new Woodland Bracelet components. Though released for fall, this bead is a year round favorite for nature themed bracelets. It can just as easily be a spring or summer bead depending upon the colors it's styled with.

It's not huge but that also makes it incredibly useful and it's very striking when used in multiples between your favorite glass or gemstones.

Though the Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet isn't available until Friday (or midnight on Thursday night for our eager online customers,) you can now add it to your website wish list via the button below. You'll also find links to all of these beads too.

Trollbeads Little Acorns Gold (1648824451115)
Trollbeads Sneaky Fox Spacer (1520912597035)
The Palace of Amber Noctis
Redbalifrog Maple Lovers Leaf (1559057727531)
Trollbeads Maple Leaves Bead (1520902340651)
Trollbeads Little Acorns Bead (1520921509931)

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