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Henhousebeads Midnight Twinkle Preview

This time in three weeks Bead Bash on the Lake will be well underway and we're so excited to share everything with all of you. This evening's charm bracelet blog reveals the Henhousebeads Midnight Twinkle and this is now the fourth event bead to be confirmed!

Like all of the other designs, Midnight Twinkle will launching during the event which begins on September the 27th and continues until the 29th. The exact listing times will be confirmed when the online schedule is announced the week before.

The theme for the fall event is An Enchanted Weekend and purple is the color of magic.

Midnight Twinkle will retail at $40 and should fit so many themes, ranging from something a little darker for Halloween through to night sky and galaxy inspired combinations.

For those of you unfamiliar with Henhouse, the brand use universal cores so it will fit all of your bead bracelets.

Obviously there's gong to be a lot of variation on these in regards to those silver inclusions. They will be sold via live images on the website however, so you'll be able to choose exactly the beads you want.

It's a lovely rich shade of purple for the fall and winter season and I have actually messed around with it a little for a winter night theme.

Remember too it will be buy three get one free across Henhousebeads for the entire weekend, making it a great time to shop the line.

For those attending in store, Cindy will be back for the weekend and you'll be able to catch up with her and discuss her inspiration behind certain designs.

Here's a quick recap. So far there are now four confirmed event beads. These are The Palace of Amber Noctis, The Palace of Amber Pumpkin Patch, the Bella Fascini Light the Way and now the Henhousebeads Midnight Twinkle. We've yet to unveil the Redbalifrog event bead too and there will be limited stocks of the Trollbeads Illumination as well. Also launching at the event will be the Bella Fascini Flying Witch, Pine Cone Moose and Ball Stoppers. There'll be some big news to share next week too ;) This is not an event you'll want to miss.

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