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Ohm Beads Black Friday 2019 Promotion Plus Flash Sale News

This Ohm Beads blog details both the upcoming Ohm Beads Black Friday 2019 Promotion plus the specifics on a flash sale too.

Please read this carefully, there's a lot of information to absorb.

Ohm Beads Flash Sale November 22nd

Beginning as the clock strikes midnight on Friday the 22nd (so that's as Thursday turns to Friday on Eastern Standard Time,) we'll be offering 22% off our entire Ohm Beads inventory. The buy five get one free offer still applies.

This offer will run for exactly 24 hours, so it's ending midnight on Friday night.

Please do be aware that our Ohm Beads stock is inventory controlled. This means we're only selling exactly what is in stock. This is important in regards to our Ohm Beads retired inventory because it can't be replenished so if an item sells out, that's it. If we sell out of a current collection item, it will be replenished but not immediately. Place your orders promptly.

Ohm Beads Black Friday 2019

The Ohm Beads Black Friday 2019 Promotion is of course what many of you have been waiting on. It's a little complicated and for that we do apologize.

The Black Friday Promotion begins (sorry) at 3am EST on Friday the 29th and not midnight. It continues until midnight on Monday December the 2nd (Cyber Monday.)

Here's the details:-

  • 50% off all our retired Ohm Beads
  • 50% off all CustOhms
  • 50% off all exclusive glass
  • 50% off Dirty OhmMyGod 1 & 2
  • 50% off Dirty Love Wounds
  • 20% off all current collection items
  • Buy five get one free still applies
  • Spends of $333 or more *after free bead deductions* will qualify for a free Ohm Beads Give a Heart set

Here's the disclaimers and small print.

We have a set number of the Ohm Beads Give a Heart set. Once those sets are gone, that's it. This may mean the gift with purchase promotion ends early. The sale however will continue until midnight on Cyber Monday. Essentially if you want the Give a Heart set, order as early as possible.

To qualify for the gift with purchase your order must be over $333 after any buy five get one free deductions are made. If your order is exactly $333 but one of your items is free under the buy five get one free, then you will not qualify.

The Give a Heart Set will be added manually to your order when we pack. It will not appear in your cart.

We will be offering live images of our remaining CustOhms and exclusive glass.

The website will automatically process the buy five get one free promotion if you have six or more beads in your cart. If you spread your spend, you will receive the refund as we reach your order. Please remember we'll be extremely busy during Black Friday weekend and refunds will not be instantaneous if you're spreading your spends.

Ohm Beads Promotions Summary

Plan your orders carefully.

If you're wanting to shop current collection pieces and are not interested in the Give Your Heart set, the flash sale on the 22nd is the better option for you. (You'll save 22% instead of 20%)

For retired pieces (including CustOhms and our exclusive glass,) the discount is greater for Black Friday weekend. Do keep in mind though we have limited stock that cannot be replaced. If something sells out during the flash sale, it won't be replenished. That gamble is upto you.

Once again we must stress that our entire Ohm inventory is stock controlled. We are only selling what is physically in stock. That does mean inventory is limited.

If you're confused about anything related to these promotions, please drop us a comment or contact us ahead of Black Friday weekend. We will still be offering live chat support and online help during that weekend but replies will be slower.

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