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Ohm Beads September 2019 Preview

Happy preview day ladies and gents! Today sees the unveiling of the Ohm Beads September 2019 collection and as usual pre-orders begin immediately. The release date is September the 5th so do keep that in mind if you are ordering today.

It's the first collection of the fall season for Ohm. Ohm have never fallen into traditional seasonal releases as such though you will find some autumnal glass. This Ohm Beads blog brings a complete preview of what's to come!

As a reminder Great Lakes Boutique offers the standard Ohm Beads buy five get one free promotion to customers globally. With six beads in your cart, the cheapest will be free.

Ohm Beads Jamie the Jellyfish

The highlight of preview day for many is the unveiling of the Bead of the Month. This month it's the Ohm Beads Jamie the Jellyfish, limited to 555 pieces globally.

This is a chunky design with silver chains replacing the tendrils.

For those newer to Ohm, the brand have a history of oceanic inspired Bead of the Month designs for September so this sees a continuation of that.

This is such an unusual design and we're expecting really high demand for Jamie the Jellyfish so be sure to pre-order yours early to avoid disappointment.

Ohm Beads Jellyfish Glass Collection

I love when there's a common theme in an Ohm collection and accompanying Jamie the Jellyfishare three jellyfish glass.

All three of these beads have a subtle, ice blue base but their jellyfish motifs differ in color

The first is the Ohm Beads Paper Lantern. True to the real creature, the jellyfish in this bead is bright red making it the most distinctive of these three glass.

The second is the Ohm Beads Mauve Stingerwith it's lilac jellyfish details. The blue and lilac combination is very pretty.

The third is the Ohm Beads Immortal Blue; blue base, blue jellyfish.

Somewhat related to this series is the Ohm Beads Burst of Life, a black based bead with orange coral motif.

Between Jamie the Jellyfish, the jellyfish glass and Burst of Life, there's a brand new ocean inspired bracelet to be had.

Be sure to pick up the Octopussy Lock to complete your look.

Ohm Beads Slim Fall 2019

The Ohm Beads Slim glass series is relatively new and yet has become such a staple favorite among our customers. These are slender beads with an amazing price point and they're perfect for adding a dash of color to your bracelet.

For fall 2019 come five new colors; Drop, Fall, Plant, Rise and Mow.



Team the Ohm Beads Drop with the Ohm Beads Sun for a vibrant shot of yellow. For those pondering the difference, Drop has a layer of clear glass which Sun does not.

Indeed all of the fall 2019 Slim glass have this clear layer.

The Ohm Beads Fall is similar in tone to Beltane but a few shades darker.

Though it has more of a burnt orange shade to it compared with the Ohm Beads Path, the two still work well together.

The Ohm Beads Plant is similar to Lilac Wine and before that Hubba Bubba.

It sits more towards the pink tones than the earlier Ohm Beads Ape but the two should still complement.

The Ohm Beads Rise is a lovely sky blue shade.

Though paler than the existing Ohm Beads Mist, again the two work well together.

Finally the Ohm Beads Mow sits very close in color to Lazy Lawn and Park View.

Ohm Beads Seven Deadly Sins Collection

The silver beads for September all comprise the Ohm Beads Seven Deadly Sins collection.

These are quite abstract designs and in some instances better seen in person as there's so much happening on the beads.

The beads are the Ohm Beads Gluttony, Ohm Beads Envy, Ohm Beads Lust, Ohm Beads Pride, Ohm Beads Anger, Ohm Beads Greed and Ohm Beads Sloth.

Ohm Beads C Bangle

Finally comes exciting news by way of the new Ohm Beads C Bangle. These are highly reminiscent of the long retired and much coveted Ohm Beads bangles. The ends are screw caps accented with CZs

They're available in three colors; champagne, black and blue and two sizes; small or medium. You'll find size guidelines from Ohm on the product pages themselves.

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