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Scout Curated Wears Beginner's Guide

This jewelry blog shares a beginner's guide to Scout Curated Wears.

Scout Curated Wears is one of our jewelry lines here at GLB and it's so popular! With regular releases, a huge choice of styles and an amazingly accessible price point, it's easy to see why it's developed such a following.

For our in store customers, it's easy to walk in and look over the displays and get a good feel for the brand. For our online customers however, it can be a really confusing brand. There's a lot of different styles of wraps and bracelets and it can just feel a little overwhelming when the brand isn't physically in front of you. With the Scout Fall 2021 collection having just launched, we decided to share a beginner's guide to help give our online customers a better feel for the brand and how all of these bracelets compare to each other.

Scout Curated Wears

One vital point to remember about Scout is that they are one size fits all. This removes so much stress from shopping the line and makes them ideal for gifting too. Choose your color or favorite gemstones, check out and you'll have no stress worrying that what arrives won't fit.

Scout Curated Wears

At the heart of the Scout line are gemstone bracelets & earrings designed for stacking and layering. That said they do also have a range of crystal bracelets too.

The Scout "wraps" are pieces that can be used as either bracelets or necklaces. For bracelets you simply wrap them around the wrist multiple times. Meanwhile for a necklace you wear it as a single strand around the neck.

Many of the gemstones bracelet and wraps are available in different styles. Most of the different bracelet styles are defined by the size of the gemstones; some are just chunkier than others. This is what makes this brand so much fun! You might want smaller stones for lots of layers and chunkier stones to wear alone. Maybe you want to mix and match. It's completely upto you.

Scout Curated Wears Diffuser Bracelets

The chunkiest of the Scout bracelets are the Diffuser Bracelets. These feature 14 mm gemstones and a single piece of lava stone, which is the porous looking stone at the forefront of this image.

These bracelets are designed to hold a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. The lava stone will absorb the oil and diffuse it throughout the day. You'll not only experience the benefits of the oil but also the scent will also be around you all day.

These bracelets are chunky enough to wear alone and still be eye catching, or you can mix and match them with your other Scout bracelets.

Scout Curated Wears Diffuser Bracelet
Scout Curated Wears

In this image the Diffuser Bracelet is the furthest from my hand. This gives you an idea of how chunky these bracelets are.

This particular stack features the Diffuser Bracelet, a Scout Wrap and a Pearl & Gemstone Bracelet so you can compare the sizes directly on the wrist.

Scout Curated Wears Pearl & Gemstone Bracelet

The Scout Pearl & Gemstone Bracelets are the next down in terms of size and these use 10 mm gemstone beads. Each has a single pearl bead and they can vary a little in size precisely because they're natural, freshwater pearls.

In the on the wrist shot below, you'll see a comparison between the Diffuser Bracelets (furthest from the wrist,) the Pearl & Gemstone Bracelets (center) and the Stone Stacking Bracelet, (closest to the hand.)

Scout Curated Wears
Scout Curated Wears

Scout Curated Wears Stone Stacking Bracelet

The Stone Stacking Bracelets are simple gemstone bracelets. These use 8 mm gemstones and are bracelets only, as opposed to the wraps. You'll find a huge choice of colors and they look so good stacked together.

For the one the wrist shot, the Stone Stacking Bracelet is furthest from the hand. A Scout Wrap is in the center and closest to the wrist is a Scout Delicate Stone Wrap.

Scout Curated Wears
Scout Stone Stacking Bracelet

Scout Curated Wears Stone Wrap

The Scout Wraps are definitely best sellers, partly due to their versatility in how you can wear them but also due to the huge range of gemstones and colors.

Once again these wraps can be worn as either bracelets or necklaces which is really useful. Simply wrap them around the wrist to a comfortable fit or loop once around the neck.

You'll find these ideal for layering together or wearing with other silver or bead bracelets.

In the on the wrist shot below you'll see a comparison between the Scout Stone Wrap (furthest from the hand) and the Scout Wrap (which we'll come to next.) These are a really great size for everyday, casual wear.

Scout Curated Wears
Scout Stone Wrap

Scout Curated Wears Scout Wrap

Next is the Scout Wrap and these are very similar to the stone wraps with one significant difference. The Scout Wraps use crystals as opposed to genuine gemstones. This means you'll find some amazing, very glamorous combinations here as the range of colors for crystals is incredible.

On the wrist shot you'll see a comparison between the Scout Wrap (closest to the hand) and the Scout Pearl & Gemstone Bracelet. You also get an idea of how incredibly glitzy some of the wraps are. You'll find some that work for casual days and others that work equally well for nights out.

Scout Curated Wears
Scout Curated Wears

Scout Curated Wears Wood Stone & Metal Wrap

The Wood, Stone & Metal Wraps are just like the other wraps in that you can wear them as necklaces or bracelets depending on what suits you.

These feature a mix of stones, wooden beads and metal beads or strips. They have a really organic, bohemian vibe to them.

Scout Curated Wears Delicate Stone Wrap

The Scout Curated Wears Delicate Stone Wraps are aptly named as these are the most slender of the entire range. The stones used on the Delicate Stone Wraps are just 3 mm and they're ideal for layering together.

In the on the wrist shot, you can see a comparison between the Delicate Stone Wrap (closest to the wrist) and the Stone Stacking Bracelet.

Scout Curated Wears

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