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Scout Curated Wears Empower Bracelet Inspiration

This jewelry blog brings a little fall styled inspiration starring one of the Scout Curated Wears Empower Bracelets.

I've been a fan of Scout Curated Wears for as long as we've carried the brand now. Though I was always attracted primarily to the stone wraps.

This isn't terribly surprising. I love gemstones and so many of my personal combinations feature them. I personally feel like there's always a latest must have glass in bead world. Some of them are cute and seasonal, some a new limited edition but next week, there's another new must have. Gemstones feel a little more timeless to me and when the novelty of the latest glass fades a little, gemstones still offer beautiful, colors for bracelets in a more organic feel.

Scout's range of stones is huge so there's always a perfect match.

Scout Curated Wears
Scout Curated Wears

By contrast the Scout Curated Wears Empower Bracelets took me a little longer to adjust to. I always crave symmetry in my own designs. When these square beaded bracelets arrived I wasn't sure they would work so well for me.

Call it determination perhaps but ultimately the temptation of more gemstones to play with won and I started to incorporate these into my daily jewelry more and they are a lot of fun. The square shape actually provides an interesting contrast and they come in a lovely combination of stones. It's worth noting too (and those of you who follow our social media will have seen,) that you can style these either with the letter blocks facing up, or spun around so you just see the stones. It gives you a little versatility.

Scout Curated Wears
Scout Curated Wears

Pictured here is my latest stack of bangles ready for the start of the fall season. It uses two Redbalifrog silver focal beads that are far from new but still always find a place on my fall creations. Pictured here is the Green Man and the Pine Cone. The Redbalifrog Log Stoppers also act as the perfect finishing touch.

As we've gotten closer to the fall I've also found renewed use of the Trollbeads Day Earth beads. Not only does the color of the deep green aventurine work well, but the tree motif on this design feels so apt too.

The glass on the lower bangle are The Palace of Amber Hope and the Trollbeads Mountain Climb.

Scout Curated Wears
Scout Curated Wears

Finally here's the full stack on the wrist and I love this end result. The colors are peaceful and apt for the start of the fall without being too premature.

One thing really worth noting about these Scout bracelets is how comfortable they are too wear which matters enormously to me. I spend so many hours at a keyboard that my wrists get irritated extremely quickly. I also bruise very easily and am allergic to what feels like everything and I hate having unsightly marks on my wrists. The Empower Bracelets can be layered with other Scout bracelets for a very casual, very comfortable look with nothing that can poke or press the skin.

Redbalifrog Green Man (1536107085867)
Scout Curated Wears Empower Bracelet - Strong - Silver African Turquoise & Jasper
Redbalifrog Pine Cone (1530245546027)
The Palace of Amber The Palace of Amber Hope Rod #5
Redbalifrog Log Stopper (1530593017899)
Trollbeads Mountain Climb Bead (1520903094315)
Great Lakes Boutique Trollbeads Day Earth Rod #1

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