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Trollbeads Wishful Sky Dangle - Trollbeads People's Bead 2021

This Trollbeads blog brings a preview of the Trollbeads People's Bead 2021, the Wishful Sky Dangle.

With two community events now taking place annually in the Trollbeads calendar, it can be quite difficult to keep track of what's happening. Today sees the unveiling of the Trollbeads People's Bead 2021 and it's set to debut on Friday September the 3rd, meaning the release is actually just two weeks away.

The winning design is the Trollbeads Wishful Sky Dangle and if it feels a little familiar, it's because it's simply a tassel version of the amazing Trollbeads Wishful Sky Designer Bracelet glass. Sadly this set retired a few years ago and we still receive sporadic requests for it to this day.

The Wishing Sky Dangle will retail at $83.

Trollbeads Wishful Sky Dangle
Trollbeads Wishful Sky

Here's a quick reminder of Wishful Sky and oh it was so beautiful. Not to be confused with Shimmer Royal which debuted just a little later, Wishful Sky had a starry night vibe but with flashes of brighter azure blues towards the center of the bead. Shimmer Royal by contrast was a more consistent inky blue color.

It's these flashes that added so much appeal to Wishful Sky. The bead felt alive, a little like the aurora dancing across the skyline and there's little wonder collector's still ask for this set.

Let's recap what's happening in Trollbeads world as it is quite a busy period for the brand.

Shades of Sparkle debuted just two weeks ago with six limited edition diamond beads, marking the end of the country specific beads. Some of the colors from these glass are seen in the Trollbeads Fall 2021 Collection too, so there's a lot of versatility here as we head into the fall.

Trollbeads Shades of Sparkle
Trollbeads Shades of Sparkle

Launching on Friday September the 3rd, so in just two weeks, is the Trollbeads Wishful Sky Dangle. This is followed by the Trollbeads Autumn 2021 collection on September the 10th.

On Friday September the 24th is our twice annual Bead Bash on the Lake Event weekend and although it's a multi-brand event, you can expect Trollbeads to feature too, including some amazing promotions. (Though please keep in mind all new releases are exempt from the promotions so don't risk missing limited edition beads by waiting.)

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