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The Palace of Amber Pumpkin Patch Inspiration

Yesterday The Palace of Amber Pumpkin Patch was unveiled as the second event bead for the brand for Bead Bash on the Lake Fall 2019 (and the third previewed event bead overall.)

Today's charm bracelet blog brings a little inspiration on styling these beads for the fall season, using the other event beads.

I've mentioned in previous articles that I find navy blue and cinder such a beautiful combination for the fall season. This bangle set is a slight twist on that but still delivers all of the drama of autumn season jewelry.

The stones used here are The Palace of Amber Sodalite and a quick word of warning. While there are more being made there is no ETA on their arrival. We have a few remaining on the website so if you love this look, grab them while they're there. We're not certain there will be any for the event.

The Palace of Amber Sodalite Rod #1
The Palace of Amber Sodalite Rod #2

The Palace of Amber Noctis is of course the beautiful owl event bead. We wanted an owl without any cute touches. These are actually stunningly haunting birds but also very ferocious hunters.

The key he's holding adds a touch of magic to the design, in keeping with the event theme and of course, he's watching over the pumpkin patch.

The Bella Fascini Light the Way is the ornate lantern bead offering a some mystical lighting to the scene. Here it sits between two Pumpkin Patch and you can see some of the color variation of these stones. They just range a little from softer, golden shades down to the darker caramels.

Fall and winter are always the times to stack bangles high; most especially fall before wrists get buried under heavy knits.

I added a third bangle with just a single Pumpkin Patch, flanked by two of the exclusive The Palace of Amber Rumpelstiltskin (also low stock now) and two more sodalites.

Finally you'll find a couple more images of the complete bangle set below. These are great colors for the fall and the event beads complement each other perfectly this time around.

There are still two more event beads to be unveiled; one from Redbalifrog and one from Henhousebeads. There's a few more surprises too.

We've been receiving quite the influx of customers newly discovering The Palace of Amber. As such for this holiday weekend we've made our previous exclusive beads available on the website. This includes the Flamboyant Sakura, Blooming Amber and Golden Starry Forest.

After the weekend they will all be removed, the stock will be split in half and everything will be stored for the event. This is the last time you'll be able to shop the full inventory of these beads as obviously half of each set is required for in store guests. There are some beads online right now that were previously online in store so don't assume you've seen them all. There's some particularly spectacular Golden Starry Forests available.

The Palace of Amber Starry Golden Forest Rod #1
The Palace of Amber Flamboyant Sakura Rod #4
The Palace of Amber Blooming Amber Rod #1

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