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Trollbeads Autumn 2019 Live Images

We're now mere days from the launch of the Trollbeads Autumn 2019 collection as it debuts on Friday September the 6th. This Trollbeads blog shares a plethora of images and our thoughts on the release to help you finalize those wish lists.

This is a sizable collection and there's a lot of images to be shared. Grab a coffee, relax and enjoy this very extensive look at the Trollbeads Golden Nightfall.

Trollbeads Round Red Onyx

The Trollbeads Round Red Onyx is a wholly new stone for the autumn season. This has proven the biggest surprise of the release for me. From the stock image it just didn't excite me. In reality it's exquisite and possibly the highlight of the fall release for me.

This stone varies from red to pumpkin and more burnt orange shades and has a lot more depth than the stock image suggested. It's such a must have for the fall season.

Team this one with golds for a truly spectacular fall look. For those of you who want to create Halloween bracelets with perhaps not the more cliche glass this is a perfect option, particularly if you team it with the new Trollbeads Round Black Onyx.

It looks equally lovely with the new Nightfall glass kit.

Trollbeads Round Tiger Eye

I've been thoroughly looking forward to the Trollbeads Round Tiger Eye since it's announcement. I always loved the retired version but found that style of stone mostly too slender for my tastes. Tiger Eye is such a beautiful rich color and it's resemblance to wood makes it an ideal choice for the fall season.

The new version does not disappoint at all. You can predictably expect huge variation in this stone, both in it's actual coloring and individual pattern.

Trollbeads Round Amethyst

The amethyst has always been a popular stone for Trollbeads so it makes sense to see it appear as the round cut.

Most of our stock has a middle to light coloring with the very dark versions being scarce. This mirrors what is seen in the faceted stone too. We've seen some beautiful examples with muli-tones though and some really quite ombre versions as well.

Trollbeads Round Garnet

The new Trollbeads Round Garnet is sumptuous and gothic. It feels like the darker side of autumn and winter.

It's worth noting this isn't the same stone as the Hessonite Garnet.That version is characterized by slight cinnamon or ginger coloring. This is much closer to a blood red and they seem quite consistent in their shades.

Trollbeads Round Black Onyx

I have to apologize for the lack of outdoor images of the Trollbeads Round Black Onyx.I'd been dodging storm clouds all day when shooting these beads and sadly the skies finally opened.

The Round Black Onyx is very consistent, varying only in it's size. It's glossy and it's completely black with no hints of other colors.

This is like the black t-shirt of your bead wardrobe. It will prove so versatile and useful in a huge number of combinations. It teams particularly well with the new Red Onyx for Halloween combinations.

Trollbeads Flowers of Passion

Of the two glass kit the Trollbeads Nightfall Kit is my personal favorite and in there are two new anemone designs. I loved these as uniques, then as part of the spring 2019 release and they haven't lost any of their appeal.

The Trollbeads Flowers of Passion has deep orange and red tones. Some of them have hints of green and even azure peeking through. They feel so beautifully autumnal. This is one of the absolute must haves, in multiples, for me.

Trollbeads Flowers of Poise

There's been a good amount of buzz surrounding the Trollbeads Flowers of Poise and again it doesn't not disappoint.

This black based bead has vibrant anemones. These are predominantly orange shades but again you'll find hints of azure and deep greens working their way in. These are beautiful glass and yet another example I'd recommend in multiples.

Trollbeads Birds of Joy

These designs feel like they continue the popularity of the parrots, peacocks and crane uniques from summer but they have a definite fall vibe to them.

The Trollbeads Birds of Joy is the more vibrant of the two and will make a lovely focal for the autumn season.

The base of this bead is clear but the bird motif takes up most of the glass so that isn't quite so noticeable. These are all crispy executed.

Trollbeads Birds of Freedom

The second of the two bird designs and my favorite of the pair is the Trollbeads Birds of Freedom. This has the same translucent base but with a dark purple and white bird.

The branch detailing for these designs is very reminiscent of those seemingly rather rare crane uniques.

Trollbeads Golden Poppies

The Trollbeads Golden Poppies is such a striking bead. It actually has very fine strands of what I'm guessing to be copper wiring inside that act as the branches. It adds an additional element to the bead that's really unusual.

The beads do vary in terms of how much of this copper wire is included yet our stock has had a generous amount in all of them.

Trollbeads Golden Foliage

The final bead from the Nightfall Kit is the Trollbeads Golden Foliage and another very strong design in my opinion.

Golden Foliage has a silver foil base, almost reminiscent of the first frosts of autumn. The surface wheatsheaf detail has a slight paling of the leaves towards the tips. The design is very pretty to coordinate with the rest of the kit.

Trollbeads Doodle

The Trollbeads Daydream Kit is a little more evocative of day time fall days as opposed to the dusk like feel of the Nightfall Kit.

The Trollbeads Doodle is aptly named. It has an orange base with a pale brown abstract design on it's surface.

The only real variation we've seen with these is in regards to the usual size differences expected with glass beads.

Trollbeads Mindful

The Trollbeads Mindful is an interesting design with potential for Halloween. It's slightly reminiscent of some of the old evil eye uniques and yet quite different too.

We've seen a little size variation in this glass with one particular bead being really rather large.

Trollbeads Dream Blossom

The Trollbeads Dream Blossom is also a little reminiscent of certain unique designs and yet it's a color combination I've always loved and is popular with fans.

This is such a cheerful bead and perfect for those late season bracelets.

Trollbeads Dream Blaze

The Trollbeads Dream Blaze is a lovely golden colored bead with a glitter abstract pattern.

For me this whole kit is ideal for the last of the summer heat or those who are reluctant to move towards the fall season. Some of the detailing on these beads is ever so slightly raised where others are not.

Trollbeads Dream Stripe

The Trollbeads Dream Stripe is a familiar design with a fall twist. You can bring just a little of the changing seasons to your bracelet with these colors.

There does seem to be a little variation with these. Some are slightly more green on the base where others sit more towards the golds.

Trollbeads Flying Thoughts

The Trollbeads Flying Thoughts complements Dream Stripe perfectly.

It has an almost lime colored base with orange details. You'll find yellow accents and highlights on those floral details which add a little depth to the bead.

Trollbeads Lock of Leaves

Two new locks are launching for the fall and the first is the Trollbeads Lock of Leaves.

This is one of the designs I've been hoping for for a number of years. It's not incredibly complex and that's it's beauty. It's a simple nature inspired lock, perfect for the fall.

It also happens to be very, very easy to use so if you base some of your choices on that, this is a great clasp for you.

There will be exact size and weight dimensions for all of the silver pieces added to the website ahead of the launch. There'll also be video clips of each of the silver beads too.

Trollbeads Clouds Lock

The Trollbeads Clouds Lock didn't excite me in the stock image but in person it's amazing and I suspect has the potential to become one of my favorite clasps.

The twisting design of this lock has a beautiful vibe to it and much like the Leaves Lock, it's very easy to use.

Trollbeads Spirit of Sleep

In some cultures the autumn and winter seasons are times of rest and renewal. In nature of course many animals hibernate but some believe people do something similar, albeit a little less literal.

The Trollbeads Spirit of Sleep is a really interesting design. In it's literal sense it's a headless figure which could have massive appeal for Halloween.

Trollbeads Leaves of Grace

The Trollbeads Leaves of Grace is one of my favorite designs from this release. It's simple and yet it's going to be so useful year round. I'm also a huge fan of spherical designs both because they're comfortable to wear but I also like the sense of consistency they bring to a bracelet.

Between this, Spring Leaves and the Lock of Leaves, there are some perfect fall motifs.

Trollbeads Framed by Nature

I adore the "framed by" designs and the way they encase glass or the new round gemstones. As a bangle wearer you have much more limited room on your wrist when compared to a full bracelet. Pieces need to really earn those spaces.

The Trollbeads Framed by Nature is perfect in that for the space it takes, you can combine both silver and a stone or glass bead.

Trollbeads Night Dream

Another of my favorites is the new Trollbeads Night Dream. Fans of the Lightning Bud Spacer should love this.

It's abstract and small and yet really quite eye catching due to it's heavy texture.

Trollbeads Flower Wreath

I have a strong suspicion that the Trollbeads Flower Wreath will prove a best seller in time.

This is a simple and petite design but if that bothers you, consider using two or three directly next to each other for a more dramatic look.

Trollbeads Clouds

The Trollbeads Clouds bead is designed to complement the lock.

Depending on the angle, this also has a slightly floral feel to it which the lock does not. I think this one could be really interesting on the ends of bangles.

Trollbeads Nature Girl Pendant

The Trollbeads Nature Girl Pendant is a large piece and absolutely won't work on the wrist. It's designed of course for a fantasy necklace and it's definitely going to be eye catching.

The detailing on this is beautiful and it's well timed for a fall release.

Consider teaming it with Tiger Eye or Malachites.

Trollbeads Fall 2019

This is a sizable and very seasonal release from Trollbeads. Indeed I think it's among my favorite fall releases. This is partly due to the extension of the round gemstones but also there's some silver designs that I actually feel were missing and have the potential to become autumn classics.

For those of you wanting to shop, the launch date is Friday. Here at GLB we'll be going live as the clock strikes midnight and you'll be able to shop live images and video for the glass and stone.

For the rest of this week we'll be sharing inspiration on styling these new pieces. A little later today new stock of the Round Lapis, Round Green Aventurine and Round Malachites will also go live as they integrate so beautifully with the new stones.

4 Responses



September 02, 2019

Hey Lisa,

The Red Onyx was the big surprise for me. I didn’t expect to love it but I do. The colors in this are amazing but they’re actually quite difficult to capture in images. It’s definitely one to see. Leaves of Grace is definitely a bead that was missing from the collection. It looks so nice styled with Spring Leaves and the Lock of Leaves.



September 02, 2019

Hey Lola :)

The Spirit of Sleep is also cored for either wrist wear or for a fantasy necklace. So worn as a fantasy necklace you can add a bead on top… For example the Red Onyx makes it look like it has a pumpkin head. Or you could add the Mexican Sugar Skull. It can be used as a splitter too but you’d lose that effect. It’s an interesting bead for sure ;)

I don’t mind some of the glass resembling uniques. Quite frankly after the craze on the anemones in 2018 and how scarce they were, I was happy they appeared as production glass. I loved the design and now I can have a bangle full.

It’s a really lovely and very seasonal collection :)

Thanks for commenting! :)

Lisa G

Lisa G

September 02, 2019

I love how the red onyx, flowers of poise and dream blaze look in these pictures. So much better than the stock pics. I’m interested also in the leaves of grace and cloud silvers. Can’t wait to buy them!



September 02, 2019

These beads don’t get tiresome to see, which is a great thing. As you said, some are reminiscent of unique bead designs, and that’s not a bad thing, given, I assume, the lower price point these collection beads will have, and they’ll be around for a while, for everybody to get. I really love the headless figure. When I saw it just now, I thought, “Well, that’s a fun way to avoid the pitfall of chiseling a face.” :-D It’s at the top of my list.

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