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Trollbeads Bangle Size Guide

Struggling to determine your Trollbeads bangle size? This Trollbeads blog is here to help.

Trollbeads bangles offer a different way to wear your Trollbeads. Alternatively they can be enjoyed without additional beads and worn purely as a jewelry accessory.

Please keep in mind that if you wish to add beads to your bangle, you'll need to purchase a pair of spacers separately. These have a silicone core that stop the beads moving around or falling off your bangle.

When measuring for a Trollbeads bangle, always begin by measuring your wrist. This can be done with a tape measure or even a ribbon or piece of string and a ruler.

Always measure at the widest part of your wrist. This will give your wrist measurement.

Use or size guide to convert your wrist size into your Trollbeads bangle size.

Do remember that all of the bangles have a little flex. This means you can adjust them slightly to suit your own wrist.

These are cuff style bangles designed to be worn close to the wrist, unlike spherical bangles which tend to be worn loosely.

If you want to add more than five beads to a bangle, particularly glass or traditional gemstones, you may find you need to size up.

Wrist Size Trollbeads Bangle Size

5.5 - 5.9 inches

14 - 15 cm


6 - 7.5 inches

16 - 19 cm


7.6 - 8.3 inches

20 - 21 cm


8.4 - 9.5 inches

22 - 24 cm


9.6 inches +

25 cm +


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