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Trollbeads Love Royal Live Images

This Trollbeads blog shares live images of the upcoming Trollbeads Love Royal, the brand's official release for Valentine's Day 2020.

The Trollbeads Valentine's Day 2020 collection launches on Friday (January the 31st.) It's a single glass bead called the Trollbeads Love Royal. For those who like to prioritize their wish lists, Love Royal is a limited edition bead. For our e-commerce customers it will be live as the clock strikes midnight on Thursday night into Friday morning! You'll be able to find the beads at the link below but obviously no products will appear there until launch.

Trollbeads Valentine's Day 2020

The Trollbeads Love Royal is a true baby pink base with copper glitter inclusions. It is faceted and this time there is no other color overlay. It's simply unapologetically pink (and it's delicious!) If ever there's a time to do pink and feminine it's Valentine's day.

The beads have multiple copper spots around them and these aren't necessary in the center. You'll also find some variation as to the size of those copper inclusions. The base color of the glass however seems very consistent and we've seen just a little variation in size.

I'm not usually so much for the pink colors but there is something very appealing about these. First of all they are dazzling. Between the faceted cut which bounces light off the surface in every possible direction and the glitter inclusions, they sparkle. In that sense it's so hard to look at them and not smile. They feel like spring. After a winter of darker colors (which actually are my thing,) there is something welcoming and cheerful about this pastel design. It is just lovely.

Our first combination is this simple bangle. I've always loved pinks and grays together and this bangle uses the Trollbeads Round Labradorite with the new Love Royal glass.

We style so many of our own bangles with the Scout Curated Wears bracelets. Their selection is large with a lot of lovely stone combinations to coordinate with Trollbeads.

We then made a mini combination using the lock and silver bead from the Trollbeads From the Heart Designer Bracelet sets. Please do remember those sets were limited and what remains on our website is all we have. We included the classic Trollbeads Lovesome Spacer too.

We hope some of you will be joining us on Thursday night / Friday morning for our live image launch!

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