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Bella Fascini Beginner's Guide - Bangles

This Bella Fascini blog offers an introduction to the Bella Fascini bangles for those new to the brand or to bead bracelets in general.

Bella Fascini is actually our newest bead bracelet line though they've been with us now since last summer. Bead world or even new brands can be so confusing for customers. Bella Fascini make lovely bangles but when you're shopping online and can't hold them in your hand, it's difficult to get a feel for them. Over the next couple of months we're going to be sharing some beginner's style or introductory articles. Today it's all about those Bella Fascini bangles.

Cuff Bangle Charm Bracelet
Cuff Bangle Charm Bracelet Twisted

Bella Fascini Bangles

Bella Fascini have two styles of open cuff bangles; smooth and twisted. These bangles are narrow enough to accommodate your small cored beads, though the brands own beads use a larger core to ensure they're compatible with all major lines. They're oval shaped and of course require the use of stoppers to hold your beads in place.

The unpredictable element of ordering bangles online is always flex. Trollbeads bangles are rigid with only the smallest amount of flex. Redbalifrog on the other hand, have a lot.

Bella Fascini run similar to Trollbeads. Their smooth bangle has a very minimum amount of flex to it. The twisted has a tiny bit more but you'll feel it spring back in your hand when you try to flex it. They're solid and they feel good quality.

They're compatible with all of the stoppers or spacers we carry but Bella Fascini also make their own selection of both plain and decorative stoppers.

Pictured here is the best selling Bella Fascini Swirl Stopper with it's lovely ornate design.

Of the two I tend to prefer smooth bangles for beads and twisted bangles too stack with them free of beads. I like the contrast of texture they bring.

Pictured here a Bella Fascini spring mini combo using the CZ beads in olivine and peridot, the Daisy Ball Flower Ball with CZ and the Butterfly Daisy Ball.

Oval CZ Peridot
Butterfly Daisy Ball
Round CZ Olivine
Daisy Flower Ball with CZs
Oval CZ Olivine
Scroll Swirl Stopper - Ultra Silicone Core

Pictured here is my current January bangle featuring CZs in clear and purple with the Bella Fascini Summer Moose and Fleur de Lis Royal Crown.

Round CZ Clear
Summer Moose
Oval CZ Purple
Fleur de Lis Royal
Celtic CZ Clear
Plain Smooth Stopper - Ultra Silicone Core

Finally the two together in this all Bella Fascini combination.

The bangles retail at $60 each making them great value for money for solid bangles.

They also have a really good range of sizes and you can calculate which you need on the chart here.

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January 31, 2020

Hi Julia,

You’re welcome. It can be so hard for customers, even those who have been collecting for years to really have any idea on some products and carriers are an example of this.

The price point for them is really really good.

Julia Clark

Julia Clark

January 31, 2020

Thank you for this article about these bangles,you explained a lot,will try these out soon!The price point is fabulous!

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