Trollbeads People's Bead 2019 Unveiled

The conclusions of the Trollbeads People's Bead 2019 is here! This Trollbeads blog shares details of the Trollbeads Turtle Flower, winner of the People's Bead event.

For those new to Trollbeads, each year the brand host a community event where fans can submit their ideas of a new bead. There are multiple rounds of voting but the winner is ultimately chosen by the community and then produced as a bead for the fall season.

Congratulations go to Giada Manfredi and her Trollbeads Turtle Flower, People's Bead 2019.

Trollbeads Turtle Flower

"Slow down and enjoy beauty – it is all around you.
The turtle is symbol of Earth and helps you to stay

The Trollbeads Turtle Flower is the perfect accompaniment to the summer 2019 uniques! This chunky bead depicts a turtle carrying a flower and the detailing looks wonderful.

I'd recommend styling it with the Trollbeads Birth Month Flowers and Tropical Travels, (ironically People's Bead Winner from 2015.) Add brightly summer '19 uniques, to enjoy every last ounce of the summer season.

The bead officially launches on August the 23rd so there's just a little more time to wait to shop the design.


  • Hi :)

    All of the beads and their prices are on the website already. They just can’t be purchased :) Everything can be found under the Trollbeads menu

    Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique
  • Hi Victoria!

    Love this. Any idea of the price? Hey am excited for this one.

    Ashley Durden
  • No but it’s a reasonably large bead judging by it’s price category so it should work well with the chunky birth month flower line :)

    The bead is cored for a bracelet or bangle and the core is in amongst the flower petals :)

    Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique
  • Does the bead contain a pearl? Is that why you suggested using it with birth month flower beads? Which way is it oriented? The voting process this year was unnecessarily complicated so I grew frustrated and did not participate. Glad to see a silver bead for a change. Very thoughtful design.


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