Trollbeads People's Uniques Preview

This Trollbeads blog brings a preview of the upcoming Trollbeads People's Uniques kit.

Cast your minds back to January, before the stress and upset of the pandemic and you will hopefully remember the Trollbeads People's Uniques event. The brand invited collectors to submit images of their all time favorite uniques with the aim of producing the ultimate kit. Much like the People's Bead event, the community were invited to vote upon their favorites until the list was narrowed down to the six winning designs.

These were your chosen designs; a collage created of the original beads submitted and ultimately voted on by the community.

The plan was to release these beads as a special limited edition kit for the summer season. Of course since then it feels to many of us like a few months are miraculously missing but it's that time.

The Trollbeads People's Uniques will be debuting on July the 6th so we still have a few weeks to wait. You'll be able to purchase the beads either individually or as a full kit. The kit is priced at $300 (so do please note the usual kit price does not apply to these,) or $50 each.

In order of their appearance below is the Trollbeads Night Sky Glitter, Trollbeads Multicolor Spirograph, Trollbeads Traces on Purple, Trollbeads Waves of Sea, Trollbeads Everchanging Lotus and the Trollbeads Flowers of Purity.

Trollbeads Night Sky Glitter
Trollbeads Multicolor Spirograph
Trollbeads Traces on Purple
Trollbeads Waves of Sea
Trollbeads Everchanging Lotus

Do remember that the Trollbeads Summer 2020 collection has launched today! Sadly the beads were just too late in reaching us to be able to offer our usual live image launch. We are sorry to those of you disappointed by this but it's been completely out of our hands.

The summer collection will be available from live images on Monday evening so we do hope some of you will join us for that.

For what it's worth, there's not a whole lot of variation to be found in these glass so if you don't want to wait, I do consider them pretty safe to shop from live images.

I'm completely obsessed with Breeze of Sand and Breeze of White for a soft neutral look


  • Hey Lisa,

    I honestly don’t think it’s worth judging until the beads are released. It’s not uncommon for stock images to be pretty far removed. On the other hand.. Trollbeads set a high bar with these designs. This event by it’s nature saw some really really rare beads submitted. That’s great and all but beads like that tend to get put on almost a pedestal.

    I was a little surprised to see Traces on Purple win versus some of the other submissions. The spirograph is going to depend a lot on execution I think. The original ones were very complex. The galaxy I’m just happy to see as it will be so nice for collectors to be able to just buy that one.

    Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique
  • Hi Janis,

    Yeah… this year has been so weird with everything going on that I think remembering an event from back in January is tough. That was pre-lockdowns, pre-Covid for most of us and honestly that feels a life time ago.

    The release has unfortunately been delayed until August but hopefully they’ll be worth the wait

    Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique
  • @Vicki,

    I don’t think it’s even worth judging based on stock images. Better to just wait for the beads to actually launch and then decide I think.

    Victoria at Great Lakes Boutique
  • Those uniques don’t look that great. I can’t tell if they have glitter. I might want the flower one.

    Vicki Berger
  • Ooh thank you for this preview Victoria, I had completely forgotten about the People’s Uniques release! I’m not buying anything from the Summer 2020 release but that’s ok as it leaves me with funds for the release in July. Looking forward to seeing the live images next month :)


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