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Trollbeads Round Labradorite Inspiration

Today's Trollbeads blog is back with pre-autumn styling, this time in light of the new season previews.

The Trollbeads Autumn 2019 collection has been unveiled and we're now counting down the days at GLB. Aside from some beautiful and very fall inspired glass, I was personally thrilled to see a continuation of the new round gemstones. Indeed we're being treated to five new round stones for the fall. I'm a convert to this size and cut and can see myself, eventually, transitioning almost entirely to this new shape. I find it just looks neater and a little more contemporary on the wrist.

That said plenty of Trollbeads gemstone enthusiasts have yet to take the plunge. The Trollbeads Fall 2019 collection is four weeks away so now is actually the perfect time to treat yourself to one or two stones and decide if the shape can work for you. This will help in the planning of spends for the new collection. We've continually been listing new stock since the launch and the latest delivery was the Trollbeads Round Labradorite, my personal favorite! Today I'm sharing a little inspiration for a fall inspired bangle based around this stone.

Trollbeads Round Labradorite Rod #1
Trollbeads Round Labradorite Rod #2
Trollbeads Round Labradorite Rod #3
Trollbeads Labradorites Rod #4

I've predominantly worn Trollbeads bangles for years now and find them far more comfortable than a full bracelet. One of the downsides is you have much less room to showcase your beads and this is an example of why the new round stones are so well suited to bangle wearers.

This is my latest pre-fall bangle design. It's a combination of the Trollbeads Round Labradorite with the Trollbeads Flowers of Grace from the spring 2019 collection.

Though released for the spring I always felt the Flowers of Grace to be more autumnal. With new styles of this anemone or lily design debuting with the fall release, Flowers of Grace should integrate seamlessly with the new collection and be reinvigorated for the fall.

I've used small silver beads or stoppers in between the glass and stones to keep the size smaller and neater overall.

The trend for the labradorite stones always favors blue flash when really a gold or bronze flash would suit this bracelet much better. I have a few bronze flash faceted labradorites and they look sensational for the autumn and much more effective than the blue.

The stoppers used on either end of this combination are The Palace of Amber Naga Stoppers.

The Trollbeads Spring Leaves is one of my most used silver beads and even more so since the launch of the round stones. It's an absolutely perfect size for wrapping neatly around these stones. In just a few weeks the Spring Leaves Gold will be available and that would elevate this combination to another level. There is a little gold on this bangle by way of The Palace of Amber Rumpelstiltskin Stopper though and the price is exceptionally good for anyone wanting a small splash of solid gold.

Finally this is how it looks on the wrist with my other currently daily wears.

The entire stack is light and comfortable to wear and I just love how cohesive the shape and sizing is for these beads. It's a very different look that can be created and one I really do appreciate.

The Palace of Amber Naga Stopper (Head Left)
The Palace of Amber Rumpelstiltskin Stopper

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