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Trollbeads Together Apart Pre-Sales Begin

This Trollbeads blog alerts readers to the start of the pre-orders for the Trollbeads Together Apart at Great Lakes Boutique.

Moments ago we began accepting pre-orders for the Trollbeads Together Apart bead, the brand's latest limited edition. Globally we're in unprecedented times right now so this is somewhat of an exceptional circumstance in regards to pre-sales. Please do read the details.

These beads are shipping to us in batches rather than the entirety of our order. This is due to issues surrounding the pandemic and the immense demand for this bead. Anyone pre-ordering with us will be guaranteed a bead. We will fill orders in chronological order so those placing pre-orders with us immediately will have their bead/s shipped first. Initial stock is absolutely limited. If we can order more we will do (but as of right now we have no guarantee on that.) Pre-orders are from stock images only.  

The Trollbeads Together Apart is the brand's newest limited edition release and it's clearly captured the heart of the community.

Inspired by the rainbows you may see adorning windows during these troubled times, Together Apart is a symbol of hope and a reminder that rainbows appear after storms. It's always darkest before the dawn and a new day does come. They're all cliches but for the most part, they're all true.

This bead is designed to connect us as a community even though it's easy to feel incredibly isolated right now.

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May 21, 2020

Beautiful bead. I ordered one from Trollbeads Canada yesterday. It didn’t say pre-order, but I expect a delay anyhow, given the time we’re in right now.

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