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Trollbeads Uplifting Bubble Joy Kit Inspiration

This Trollbeads blog brings inspiration starring the brand new Trollbeads Uplifting Bubble Joy Kit.

The Trollbeads Spring 2021 collection launched just last week and we were treated to three new glass kits. For a brand famed for their glass, that's very special. There are some really flashy designs in this release but today we want to focus on the Uplifting Bubble Joy Kit.

Where the other two kits are so elaborate, brimming with glitter and really quite intricate design, the Uplifting Bubble Joy Kit are staples in our eyes. They create the most beautiful palette of colors that manage to transcend the winter and spring season. From the greens of late winter that are still frosty in tone, to those first blue skies of spring and the sun's rays that still have no heat but bring that cheerful, hopeful mood.

What's better is these glass are all back in that tier one $39 price point. While the designs are definitely less complex than the other two kits, there has been no less thought put into the colors chosen here.

Trollbeads Uplifting Bubble Joy Kit
Trollbeads Uplifting Bubble Kit

Here's our first real play with a Trollbeads Spring 2021 bracelet. It uses all of the beads from the Uplifting Bubble Kit and some in duplicates. If you can manage the entire kit on your bead budget, it truly is worth it as none of the designs feel weak or out of place.

The focal glass here is the Trollbeads Meadow Bubble Joy and it joins Shade Bubble Joy as my two personal favorites from this kit. The two silver beads are the new Trollbeads Clarity Flower which is actually worth getting as a pair for bringing balance to bracelets and bangles and The Palace of Amber Ode to the Daisy Stopper / Clip.

It's worth noting that the Ode to the Daisy design is now also available as a bangle which is so cute for the spring and would stack really well with this bracelet.

Trollbeads Spring 2021

Those of you who follow us on social media will have spotted we've been using Shade Bubble Joy a lot since it's launch. It's a really soft, duck egg blue shade. It has a champagne colored overlay however so from some angles, you going to get creamy colors creeping in. It's not too overpowering for the winter and yet it not too cold for the spring either.

To it's left you can see the new Trollbeads Folklore Wisdom splitter which works perfectly well on the wrist as well as a necklace.

Trollbeads Spring 2021
Trollbeads Spring 2021
Trollbeads Spring 2021

At launch there was a little confusion between the Ivory Bubble Joy and the Crystal Bubble Joy, mostly due to the fact that in the kit's stock images, the two beads are mostly in profile. The Ivory is opaque with a creamy color to it's base. The crystal is a translucent champagne color. The overlaying glass on both seems to be an identical shade so if you love neutrals as much as I do, I'd consider these must haves in multiples. They aren't similar in a way as to be interchangeable but rather in a way that complements each other.

Trollbeads Spring 2021
Trollbeads Spring 2021

Finally, the end result. We've used additional silver floral designs by way of The Palace of Amber Cosmos Flower Clip and Evergreen Stopper. Towards either end are the Bella Fascini Flower Balls with CZ which act as beautiful early season flowers.

You can still shop live images of this kit on our website though some are now almost sold out.

Trollbeads White & Green Lock
Trollbeads Mazy Spacer
Trollbeads Bright Bubble Joy
Bella Fascini Daisy Flower Ball with CZs (1825799405611)
Trollbeads Shade Bubble Joy
Great Lakes Boutique Passion Swirl (4325038915627)
Trollbeads Ivory Bubble Joy
The Palace of Amber The Palace of Amber Evergreen Stopper
Trollbeads Lagoon Bubble Joy
The Palace of Amber The Palace of Amber Ode to the Daisy Clip
Trollbeads Meadow Bubble Joy
Trollbeads Clarity Flower
Trollbeads Folklore Wisdom
The Palace of Amber The Palace of Amber Cosmos Flower Clip
Trollbeads Ivory Bubble Joy
Trollbeads Uplifting Bubble Joy Kit

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