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Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet Inspiration

This Trollbeads blog shares inspiration for the brand new, limited edition Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet.

Today saw the launch of the new Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet and for those who love the fall season, it's utterly lovely. I mention fall specifically because of the color of the glass, which is very reminiscent of a forest floor, complete with loose branches and twigs. The lock and silver bead however, have lots of potential for winter and Christmas themed bracelets too. Both feature a maple leaf.

The detail would pass as ivy though and styled with deep greens and reds, would take on a whole different and very festive vibe. It could work well with the Redbalifrog Ivy Scroll or the Trollbeads Framed by Ivy too.

Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet
Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet

The Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet features the lock, silver bead, glass bead and the chain. These components are exclusive to the set so you can only collect them by buying the entire bracelet. In Trollbeads world these are called Designer Bracelets because all of the components are new and exclusive.

It's offered and the very special price of $120, though the full retail price of each individual component would be $217. Not only do you get new release beads but they're at a very good discount too.

Designer Bracelets make lovely gifts but are also a nice way to start your next bracelet idea.

The glass bead on this bracelet is going to be the highlight for many. It reminds me a little of the retired Balance of Nature Kit. While there's no glitter, that entire set was a mix of these soft, organic shades but the variation was so enormous that it was difficult to tell which bead was which. The glass on the Woodland Bracelet is varying in shade and tones so much. They all have the distinctive copper inclusions but the base colors are differing a lot. Most are predominantly cream mixes but we've had some ranging into blue and more pink shades too.

If you liked the Balance of Nature beads or enjoy the variation seen in the likes of the Trollbeads Organic Bubbles, you will really enjoy this set.

Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet
Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet

The lock is a nice, chunky design and as this image shows there is no detailing around the lever on the large end. This makes it easy to open as it's when there's a lot of raised details around these mechanisms that nails can get caught and clasps become a little more tricky.

The maple leaf motif is on all four sides of the lock and the leaf shape is slightly different which is a nice attention to detail on Trollbeads part.

I've always tended to keep Designer Bracelets mostly as they come. I like the simplicity and much prefer lighter, mini-combos to full bracelets. Fall is a season brimming with inspiration however and for this bracelet, I wanted to add just a couple more components.

In the center is the eerily beautiful Noctis from The Palace of Amber and still a fall staple. The two spacers on either end are the Trollbeads Trunk pf Treasures Spacers which are quite unusual. This image also gives an idea of how useful those silver maple leaf beads are. They aren't huge but their shape is so distinctive. Quite often we see people want duplicate bracelets for extra glass beads. This time around in my opinion, the silver bead is just as useful.

Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet
Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet
Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet

You can shop live images of this bracelet for as long as stocks last on the website. If you're looking for additional glass to add, the new Trollbeads Ginseng Root works really well (and will be featuring in it's own editorial this weekend.)

Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet
The Palace of Amber Noctis
Trollbeads Trunk of Treasure Spacer (1653679554603)

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