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Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet Inspiration Part II

This Trollbeads blog brings a fall inspired bracelet featuring the Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet components.

Friday saw the launch of the Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet and it's one of the limited edition Designer Bracelets for the fall season. This set is very autumnal. The two silver components feature maple leaf motifs. The glass bead is a lovely mix of fall shades with copper inclusions that resemble fallen sticks and branches.

The glass varies enormously and though they're predominantly cream and golden shades, you'll find accents and mottled patches of corals, blues and greens. Some of the glass are even blue or pale pink in color. Just like the fall foliage ranges so much in it's coloring, so does the Trollbeads Woodland glass. On Friday I shared a mini bracelet idea for this set. I tend to keep my own bracelets quite minimal. Today I'm sharing a complete bracelet instead.

Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet

This weekend new stock of the Trollbeads Red Jaspers and Serpentines have been listed on the website. These were chosen for the fall season. The brick red of the jasper is so reminiscent of mid fall colors. Meanwhile the pale, frosty shades of the serpentine resemble nature as all it's vibrancy begins to drain. They're both lovely choices for the fall. As it happens the inclusions in the Woodland glass also match the red jasper stones perfectly.

Trollbeads Red Jasper
Trollbeads Serpentine
Trollbeads Bracelet

All components of this bracelet were chosen for their fall theme.

It uses three red jaspers, three serpentines and two of the new limited edition Woodland glass. This color scheme is so apt for the season.

The focal silver here is the new Trollbeads Verbena which has this beautiful, distinctive leaf design on one side. If you need a large focal for the fall, this is a really good option. To the right is the Redbalifrog Pine Cone, a real fall staple. To the left is The Palace of Amber Love & Devotion with it's amber droplet.

Trollbeads Bracelet
Trollbeads Bracelet
Trollbeads Bracelet

The silver components from the Woodland Bracelet are both here too. Though the bead isn't large, it's a simple design and easily recognizable as a leaf. Usually it's the glass most collectors want in multiples from these bracelets. This time the silver bead is going to be just as useful I think.

Trollbeads Bracelet

The Trollbeads Woodland glass has such a subtle mix of shades that it's going to work well with a lot of other colors.

Though here I've used the red jasper and serpentines, the creams would work beautifully with the Trollbeads Feldspar Quartz Rock. The warmer patches could be highlighted by teaming it with feldspar moonstone or perhaps even strawberry quartz. Meanwhile the soft blue shades could be brought out with chalcedonies.

This release is still brand new but I have a suspicion it's going to be very versatile.

Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet
Trollbeads Bracelet
Trollbeads Bracelet
Trollbeads Bracelet

Everything you need to recreate this bracelet can be found on the website. While stocks last you can also still choose the woodland bracelet glass from live images. The link for the live image gemstones is also a little further up the page and they are definitely worth checking out. There's some darker examples of the serpentine as well and they are often more difficult to find.

For bangle wearers you could easily convert this to a couple of bangles instead.

Trollbeads Trunk of Treasure Spacer (1653679554603)
The Palace of Amber Noctis
Trollbeads Woodland Bracelet
Redbalifrog Pine Cone (1530245546027)
The Palace of Amber The Palace of Amber Love & Devotion
Trollbeads Verbena

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