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Midsummer Bead Bracelet Inspiration with Thomas Sabo Karma Beads & Trollbeads

This bead bracelet blog brings a little inspiration for the high summer season, starring Thomas Sabo Karma Beads and Trollbeads.

The height of summer is definitely upon us but despite that, we're beginning to see the first fall 2021 releases. In just a few weeks time we have a very exciting albeit slightly surprising release from Trollbeads by way of the Shades of Sparkle Collection. As we begin the countdown to that collection, it feels an apt time to share a little inspiration with the existing Trollbeads Diamond Bead Amber. This was the limited edition bead of the Americas and the country specific series of diamond beads has now ended.

As is so often the case by July, the world around us is looking quite sun parched. The vibrant greens so associated with spring have faded but we're not yet close enough to the fall to see those first bold colors appear.

The long hot days tend to leave everyone a little lacking in energy and I really wanted to the colors of this bracelet to feel peaceful and arguably a little lazy, while adding plenty of gold to reflect the soaring temperatures. The color comes from a mix of Trollbeads glass and stone while all of the decorative metal beads are Thomas Sabo Karma Beads and The Palace of Amber Cosmos Flower gold plated designs.

This is such a pretty combination in person.


I always look forward to the fall collections most when it comes to seasonal releases. They tend to be quite large and I love the season itself. That said I do find myself wondering whether Trollbeads can top their fall 2020 release for me personally. I loved the Harmony Harvest porcelain beads and still do. I managed to squeeze the Trollbeads Fresh Corn into this combination, though it's arguably a little premature for pumpkins. The colors work well here and the other glass used are the soft green shades of the Trollbeads Meadow Bubble Joy and the Trollbeads Voice of Happiness.

Either side you can see the Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Bee and Sunshine beads, both of which are real staples on my own combinations throughout the warmer months.

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads

This is one of my favorite combinations for a long time, despite the fact that I do vastly favor bangles over bracelets. I haven't completely filled this chain as I find complete bracelets so hot in the summer. Obviously the bracelet used here is the Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Bracelet for compatibility reasons with the smaller beads, but I love these chains anyway and frequently use them for layering without the addition of any beads.

Though we're obviously bias, I always felt the Diamond Bead Amber was one of the most versatile of the country specific beads. It works so well across the seasons and it's vibe changes entirely depending on how it's styled. I'm so looking forward to seeing how it can be integrated into the new Shades of Sparkle Collection.

The Palace of Amber The Palace of Amber Solstice Stopper
Trollbeads Diamond Bead Amber (1550553776171)
Thomas Sabo Globe Gold (4387509927979)
Trollbeads Smoky Quartz Bead (1520988487723)
Trollbeads Meadow Bubble Joy
The Palace of Amber The Palace of Amber Cosmos Flower Clip Spark
Thomas Sabo Sunshine Bead (4377670451243)
Trollbeads Fresh Corn
Thomas Sabo Bee Bead (4373213544491)
Great Lakes Boutique Voice of Happiness (4370993446955)
Thomas Sabo Gold Crushed Pavé Bead (4374583443499)
Thomas Sabo Bracelet for Beads (4373179433003)

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